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  1. Mags

    THANK YOU!!! I went shopping for an interview suit a few weeks ago – after hours in Robinson’s May, JC Penney, Sears and countless smaller fashion outlets, I went home sans suit and with, what did you call it? – a pressing sense of disquiet. Are we all meant to be six-year-old boys now? *shudder*

  2. MomVee

    At first I was imagining a swimsuit. And then I realized what you were talking about. The horror I saw in the window of the Barney’s-wannabe store in my town. It has a name.

  3. kindle

    All the stores here in Cork are floodded with short-shorts in the style of suit slacks. First there were capri suit pants, then short suit pants, now there’s basically underwear suit pants. I’ve seen girls wear these things out in public, and they just look so COLD. Ireland is not the place for skimpy evening wear!

  4. MeL

    Here’s one for you… capri suit pants with suspenders. Over a silk-screened t-shirt. Paired with heeled boots. Because apparently girls in Northern Virginia have mistaken themselves for Gwen Stefani.

  5. Lyns

    If not Gwen Stefani, then definitely what’s-his-name from AC/DC.
    AHHHH, the visual of that is torture enough, but to have people acutally wearing such atrocities is just too much to bear.

  6. embachick

    Next thing you know, we’ll be seeing knicker suits. BTW – I saw a gaucho strapless pantsuit today, made out of jersey knit.

  7. jes

    I don’t mind the capri suits as much as I mind the shorts suits. I mean, slack-y shorts? With pointy heels?


  8. Agatha

    Ugly, but if I see enough famous people wearing this, I’ll probably consider joining them. It’s like fashion scientology.

  9. Kym

    I love ’em. Anything that’s going to keep me cool in the humid weather, sign me up.

    Wait! Now I’m not sure what I’m talking about? What are capri suits? Do they have the short sleeve suit jackets?

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