18th December 2001



Scenario: Three coworkers commute through the financial district.

Guy 1: Bunch of us went over to Tonic last night.

Guy 2: Yeah, who?

Guy 1: Me, and Jason, and Mark and them.

Guy 2: No Chet?

Guy 1: Chet never goes out with us after work.

Guy 2: He’s got some weird kind of personal life going on.

Guy 1: Yeah?

Guy 2: Like knows a bunch of people from college who live around here or something.

Guy 1: Huh. Did Jenn tell you that she met her Internet friend last night?

Jenn: (Warning tone.) Simmer down.

Guy 1: Friend’s a friend, Jenn.

Guy 2: Friends are fun, Jenn.

Jenn: (Stony silence as she flips through Land’s End catalogue.)

Jenn: …Maybe I’ll get a pair of fleece pants.

Guy 1: Why?

Jenn: For Minnesota.

Guy 1: You’re going to buy a pair of pants for a week-long trip?

Jenn: Yeah. Why not?

Guy 1: (Presumably pointing at a Hawiaan shirt.) That’s good for Fridays.

Guy 2: I stand firm that flowers on a shirt do not make it crazy. You know?

Guy 1: What?

Guy 2: Like you can’t just wear a Hawaiian shirt and call it a “crazy shirt.”

Guy 1: I guess.

2:21 p.m.

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