Mighty Life List
Nov 6 2015



I got Hank a historical comic book Nathan Hale. I’m pre-reading to see if it’s too scary for a Christmas gift. Have you read any of these?

An East Coast Foliage Map for Fall.

I got Brad one of these Victorinox Digital Bags because friends on the Internet said thumbs up. I need to take a seam ripper to the logo tag on the front, but otherwise solid.

Cool Stuff My Friends Are Doing


Josh A. Cagan‘s movie The Duff is up for a People’s Choice Award! (Some of you may have met his awesome wife Kayla at Camp Mighty.) Voting takes about three seconds when you click this link, so throw some support his way. Good luck, mister!


April Walter’s released her 2016 Doughnuts of the Bay Area Calendar, and ours just arrived! If you’re looking for holiday gifts, her doughnut prints are also for sale on 20×200. Yay, April!

Nov 5 2015

Indulge Yourself With Tampons

Did you know all but five U.S. states have a luxury tax on feminine hygiene products — tampons, pads, etc.?

On the above video’s YouTube page are links to various nations’ petitions to remove the tax, but I don’t see one for the U.S. where we’ll need to eliminate the tax state by state.

Here’s a map of all the states that tax feminine hygiene products as “non-essential.” Shall we go bleed all over the chairs in the waiting rooms at their state capitols?

Nov 4 2015

Feed Yourself


I never learned cooking basics, so I’ve relied on recipes for most of my life. You want a grilled cheese sandwich? Let me pull my recipe card. Crap. We don’t have any basil.

Anyway, I finally figured out how to make simple, healthy dinners with prep time under 10 minutes. The below links aren’t recipes so much as skills I failed to acquire from my mom. Apologies if this is derp to you, but I keep coming back to these links, so I’m just putting them all here.

There are a LOT of words on those pages, so my cliff notes versions are below the links. For all of these, line your baking pan with aluminum foil so you can just throw the mess in the garbage and you don’t have to scrub the pan.

How to Bake Salmon from Better Homes and Gardens
Preheat your oven to 450. Salt and pepper the fish on both sides. Bake 8-15 minutes. It’s done when it’s “flaky and opaque,” i.e. you can flake bits off with a fork, and it doesn’t look raw inside. There’s probably a YouTube video somewhere if you feel hesitant.

Baked Chicken Breasts from Gimme Some Oven
I skip the brining, but you do you. Preheat to 450. Rub oil on the chicken, wash hands. Season both sides with salt, pepper, and maybe one other spice (parika, rosemary, thyme are good). Wash your hands again, raw chicken is like slimy poison. Wonder why we eat this. Bake 15 minutes.

Perfect Pork Tenderloin from Food.com
Preheat to 500. Before you throw it out, check the meat wrapper to see how much your tenderloin weighs. Season tenderloin with salt and pepper, maybe some mustard if you’re into that. Bake exactly 5.5 minutes per pound.

While the meat is baking, I steam a veggie, and dress some mixed greens. Bam! Food.

If you have ten-minute prep meals, please tell us. All of us are hungry.

Nov 3 2015



Mysig – A Swedish work that means snug. Literally, “to smile slightly with contentedness or comfort.”

Thanks for the elephant cozies, Laura.

Nov 2 2015

Advent Grab Bags Are Pretty Fun

** SOLD OUT ** See you next year!


Making happy things! For happy fun times!

Advent Grab Bags are ready to order. The kit is a tiny Santa bag with a blindfold included. Every night, you or your kiddo can reach in for something that will make you nostalgic for your childhood.

Parents, this means you will not have to drive to three different stores to find toys that don’t have licensed cartoon characters on them. Big kids, you will not have to buy a dozen wishing fish just to get one for your significant other. Merry Christmas.

This year 20 percent of proceeds go to IntraHealth International. We hope to donate enough for a one-year training scholarship for two nurses. Those nurses go to a community that doesn’t have enough access to health workers, and then people can get better when they get sick. Ideal.

We only made 100, and unless demand is unexpectedly intense from the get-go, that’s all we’ll have time to make. So if you think you want one, get one! They are super fun.

Order Your Advent Grab Bag
Ages 4 and up
$35, plus shipping
20% of profits support IntraHealth (Hooray!)

Oct 30 2015

Better Than Before, by Gretchen Rubin


Gretchen Rubin is the author of The Happiness Project and she was a Mighty Summit attendee a few years back. Gretchen has a shiny brain — she’s globally curious, a voracious reader, knower of obscure and provable facts. Her most recent book on habits, Better Than Before, is the next best thing to sitting next to her at a dinner party.

The premise is that habits give you an autopilot option to help you through tough times, and preserve energy by lifting the burden of choices. The best parts of Better Than Before:

It’s helpful to begin with habits that most directly strengthen self control… We do well by tackling the habits hat help us to:
1. sleep
2. move
3 eat and drink right
4. unclutter

Counterintuitively, I often find it harder to make myself do something that I enjoy than something that I don’t enjoy… For some of us, it takes discipline to take pleasure.

Now is an unpopular time to take a first step.

The biggest waste of time is to do well something that we need not do at all.

If I give more to myself, I can ask more from myself. Self-regard isn’t selfish.

We can build our habits only on the foundation of our own nature.

inanition – lack of mental or spiritual vigor and enthusiasm

Oct 29 2015

Booooooze! Halloween Drink Recipes Roundup

My Halloween drink recipes all in one place. Here’s to you and your sexy Ira Glass costume.


Bourbon Pumpkin Shakes


Persimmon Bobs


Halloween Spiked Cider


Vampire Wine


Killer Bloody Mary with Mushroom Skull Garnish