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Aug 17 2015

Let’s Do Something Good: Vaccinations

This post is inspired by Shot@Life, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation dedicated to using vaccines as a cost-effective way to save children’s lives in developing countries.

Hi guys, I need your help. This post is part of an online relay through the United Nation’s Shot at Life program. The goal is to get vaccines for kids who wouldn’t otherwise get them. For the month of August:

One Comment, One Share, or One Like = One Vaccine

By literally pushing some buttons we can protect kids against measles, pneumonia, diarrhea, and polio. During Shot@Life’s Blogust, several bloggers have been helping to secure sponsor donations. I’ve also been asked to share a quote that inspires me, so I decided on one that reminds me of you guys:

With your help, I’d like us to secure 1,000 vaccines. This feels like a reach, so will you help? Any one of these simple actions equals a vaccine:

- Leave a comment on this post about a good deed someone has done for you. Can you comment twice? Yes, yes you can.
- Mr. T Baby on Instagram, click the heart.
- Facebook, like, comment, or share.
- Pinterest, repin the quote or heart it.
- Twitter Jedi Baby!, Fave, reply, or RT, the latter being the gold star.
- Your megaphone: If you use the hastag #blogust or include @shotatlife to spread the word on any of your social accounts, each of those actions counts towards a vaccine too. (If you do that, please cc me in whatever medium so I can say thanks. You are my people.)

The push of a button potentially saves a life. We live in the future, my friends. Shot@Life hopes to generate funds for 50,000 vaccines, and there’s a counter on the site that currently reads 37,902. Let’s move that needle. As it were.

Thanks so much you guys. You are kind ones.


Wow. Thank you guys so much! Here and across social networks, we triggered over 1,000 donated vaccinations in a single day. Wow! Thank you, sweet people. You are pretty great.

There are more Blogust posts from friends over at The Spohrs are Multiplying, Petite Elefant, Justice Fergie Moma’s Gone City, Whiskey in My Sippy Cup, My Brown Baby, Cool Mom Picks, and Mom it Forward. We have until August 31. Thanks again.

Aug 15 2015


Stunning girl at the coffee shop with her boyfriend hops up when she notices me struggling to get my stroller through the door.

She holds the door and smiles at the baby, then sits back down to resume the world’s longest, most awkward breakup conversation.

Aug 14 2015


Girl with an ostrich drumstick.

Killer whale jams.

And other stuff I pinned.

We went to Sayulita, Mexico last week. The heat was punishing, the tacos delicious. I’ll blahblahblah more about it next week, and there are more photos on Instagram.

I posted stuff on Twitter.

We took the baby to an adventure party. Happy birthday, HJ!

This weekend, we nap. Naps for everyone!

Aug 11 2015

Ji Lee’s Famous Objects from Classic Movies

You can Ji Lee’s poster of iconographic objects from movies, or play the iPad game for free. These would make awesome emojis.

Aug 10 2015

On Wine and Tears

I’m charmed by Laura Vidrequin, who stars in Man Repeller‘s Ask a French Girl posts:

“I have a life drinking rule: only have a glass of wine if you feel like one. And make sure it’s because you’re embracing a good moment. Wine and tears are for watching movies.”

Aug 4 2015

Don’t Eat That

Potty Mints are single-use, dissolvable air-freshener tablets, which are for some reason packaged to look edible. Still, genius.

Aug 3 2015

Toni Morrison on Motherhood

“I could not only be me—whatever that was—but somebody actually needed me to be that. If you listen to [your children], somehow you are able to free yourself from baggage and vanity and all sorts of things, and deliver a better self, one that you like. The person that was in me that I liked best was the one my children seemed to want.”

See the rest of the passage on Mother Mag.