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Sep 1 2010

Farewell, Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday

After nearly four months of weekly celebration, I’ve learned I enjoy champagne and chocolate more when I’m not enjoying them on a schedule. I’m more attuned now to marking celebratory events, and generally more thankful, so this will be the last regularly scheduled Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday. But! I’ll still let you know when I have something worth toasting, and I hope you’ll let me know too.

Here’s to cold bubbly in heat wave, knowing when to quit, Elephant’s Heart Plums, and body rolls.

What are you toasting today?

27 Responses to “Farewell, Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday”

  • nelking Says:

    Being the kind of Mom that shares body rolls with her teenage boys.

  • Kathleen Says:

    Thank you Maggie for that. Also, I think I hurt myself laughing. Here’s to the internet!

  • Lauren Says:

    Here’s to: Large windows, sunny mornings that turn into sunny afternoons, three day weekends I forgot about then just remembered, and deals on airfare. :)

  • Abby - Bright Yellow World Says:

    Elephant’s Heart plums are my very very favorite!

    Here’s to sunshine on my pillow when I wake up, finding a great wardrobe piece in the back of a drawer, and letting someone know when they’ve crossed the line.

  • Michelle Says:

    I’m engaged! Champagne for everyone!

  • Abi Says:

    I’m toasting a furnace that’s not quite dead yet and does not have to be replaced *RIGHT NOW* (knock on wood). Here’s to replacing a part that costs $200 instead of buying a new one for over $5,000!

  • Frannie Says:

    There used to be this great band in Portland, OR that had a song called “Tight Pants.” Also a great dance song, albeit in a very different way from Leslie Hall’s song.

  • Ariel Says:

    A great concert last night!
    DMB for the win!

  • Danielle Says:

    An early end to the work week, a good day in the print shop, and the excitement of a particular conference in the very near future.

  • Christa Says:

    Working with great students, and enjoying tonight’s book club meeting.

  • Heartworks Says:

    Knowing that tomorrow is a new day, a mother’s love and fierce friends.

  • Meegan Says:

    Spicy thai shrimp salad, the first week of preschool going WELL(!!), and a day without a panic attack.

  • cjm Says:

    I read the title and immediatlely thought you were pregnant. As a pregnant lady myself, enjoy that champagne for me. That’s oddly the only alcohol I’ve craved. I’ll toast to live music, comfy hotel beds, and chicken fried steak.

  • Shevon Says:

    Here’s to finally being able to tell everyone that we’re expecting! To my excited little boy who calls the baby “Grocery Store” and to biscuits from a can!

  • Raechel Says:

    Here’s to my first champagne and chocolate Wednesday, taking classes again, being a woman, and a wonderful weekend in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

  • Clair Says:

    Here’s to September sunshine in San Francisco. I’ll be toasting it all month.

  • Megan Says:

    A friend of mine had a great idea (which I have now stolen). He always has a bottle of good champagne in the fridge. He doesn’t drink it all the time – sometimes months or a half a year goes by – but when he or his wife come home with good news or need a boost after a bad day it’s there, ready to go.

  • Megan Says:

    Oh, and Happy Thirstday. ;-)

  • Sassafras Mama Says:

    I’m back to school this week and toasting the fact that I really love my job.

  • Tina Says:

    Here’s to cooler weather, books on my nighstand and love.

  • Leslie Says:

    Turning 33! And PUGS! (They’re so dang cute!)

  • Veronica Says:

    I wondered when/if the obligatory nature of the celebration would get to you. But what a great lesson learned: celebrate more often!

    I am celebrating the start of my Mondo Beyondo course. It’s wonderful so far!

  • Elsa Says:

    Hey, I didn’t even notice it was Champagne Wednesday last night when I — gasp — opened a bottle of prosecco all for myself. (The Fella doesn’t care for it and was happy with beer.)

    So, I’m toasting:
    – a mid-week at-home date with my husband;
    – a dinner so simple but so startlingly delicious that I amazed even myself;
    – sleeping in the cool, airy living room instead of the snug, smothering bedroom, with crisp new sheets to boot!
    – treating yourself as well as you’d treat a cherished guest.

  • Jess Says:

    My nephew taking the bus to kindergarten for the first time, audiobooks and the kick ass pork chops I made last night.

  • Poke Salad Annie Says:

    here’s to staring down a four day weekend, heading to the carnival with my husband this evening and finding your blog today, which i very much enjoy! :D

  • Alyce Says:

    Being done with a work project, white flowers on my desk, and an extremely large iced coffee.

  • Carolynpom Says:

    body rolls! and gem sweaters!