25 thoughts on “Deep Fried Butter

  1. kiera

    I haven’t tried it but last summer it won the “best in show” (or some equivalent) award at the Texas State Fair.

  2. Jen W.

    Thank you for the photo. Whenever I hear “deep fried butter” I always picture the whole stick being fried in once piece. While I still wouldn’t eat it, it certainly makes more sense in bite sized pieces.

  3. Funnelcloud Rachel

    Deep fried butter?! What the…?

    My favorite quote from the article: “I mean, butter by itself does not taste good,” Gonzales said. “Nobody just grabs a stick of butter and eats it. That would be gross.”


  4. See-Dub

    We TRIED to try it at last year’s fair but the lines were ridiculously long. Popular stuff, that butter. In years past, the fried Coke, fried PB&J and fried lattes got all the dough. (Which reminds me: There was fried cookie dough one year, too!)

    And yes, fried beer is on tap for this year’s State Fair, but I’ll be holding out for the deep fried frozen margaritas!


  5. jen c

    that is brutal! i live in Newfoundland and they have something here called scrunchions which is basically pork fat, or port fat back, fried in… you guessed it – pork fat. i tried it once to say i had, but it’s like when you know what you’re eating is fat fried in fat it just sort of loses appeal! i was pretty sure no one could come up with anything worse, but this might be it!

  6. Alana

    It is indeed delicious! Everyone thinks I’m crazy for saying that, but it truly tastes like an inside-out buttery biscuit or bread roll. It was good plain, but better with the garlic topping. I’ll be going back for another taste this year and sampling a few of the new crazy creations (such as the aforementioned fried beer and fried frozen margaritas). It’s only once a year, so why not?

  7. janie

    Had it, frankly I think the name is more of a selling point, it is essentially dough with butter inside and then fried. Is it good for you? um clearly not, but are you eating a whole stick of butter, not really. (and why did I eat it, let’s just say that at a fair with family eventually you will eat anything just to hurry the experience along)

  8. Linda N

    Haven’t tried it, but I would LOVE to! Incidentally, in elementary school, I used to have butter sandwiches for lunch because I didn’t like PB&J or baloney or anything that normal kids like. It wasn’t a LOT of butter or anything. Yeah, I was weird kid.

  9. Cynthia L.

    Deep fried butter is amazingly good. Yes, it is a little dab of frozen butter, heavily battered and deep fried (sometimes with fruit or cinnamon) – I tried the garlic butter one at last year’s Texas State Fair and it was fantastic!

  10. robin

    As a Registered Dietitian, I cringe when I see things like this. Then I relax because I remember that even in a recession I will still have work

  11. Dawn

    At the Minnesota State Fair, they have an artist carve a bust of that year’s Dairy Princess. Butter is for sculpture.

    The state fairs seem to be the last bastion of truly over-the-top bad eating, while the rest of the country goes on a diet or laments obesity from their lazy-boys.

    My friend Melissa said it best, “Next year I’m going to take a $100 bill, batter it, deep fry it and eat it. It’ll be much better for me and my wallet than going to the state fair.”

  12. Unapologetically Mundane

    I just started a low-carb diet, so a friend sent this to me as “buttspiration”. It’s too bad I can eat all the butter I want but none of the batter.

    I heard about deep-fried Coke last year but haven’t been anywhere fair-like to try it since. Luckily, there’s a place near me in Brooklyn that deep-fries anything you bring in.

    Deep-fried pizza, anyone?

  13. meghanb

    Yes, I’ve eaten it! It’s pretty gross-like a really, really, really buttery croissant with a hit of cinnamon that just dissolves when it hits your tongue. I had it a the Chow Wagon during the Kentucky Derby Festival week here in Louisville, KY.

  14. Shannon

    My family has a long history with the state fair– they always buy season passes and schedule visits to the cardiologist well before opening day.

    The (real) butter starts by being frozen solid with liquid nitrogen, then battered and fried. It winds up like an extra sinful piece of french toast wrapped in the shell of a donut. Best eaten while looking at the butter sculpture.

    We had to record our experience:

  15. Megan

    Um. To be totally direct: First I thought ‘clever’, but no, some crap just does not need to be invented. We have enough fried things to stuff into ourselves.

  16. Elizabeth

    I was on a business trip. After dinner with my male coworkers, they decided that they wanted to hit up the local carnival. The highlight of the carnival was the fried butter. One of my coworkers ordered some and then offered them to the rest of us to try. Wanting to earn some points with the guys, I tried it. It was terrible, but at least I can say I tried it :)

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