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Jun 22 2009

Let’s Panic about Babies

Alice and Eden just launched a new project they’ve been working on for a while, Let’s Panic About Babies!

“You are hardly alone. If your friends and family aren’t in your house, pointing out every hapless decision you’re making, there are hundreds of strangers on the sidewalk with placards who are more than willing to leap into the fray. And for those times when you are utterly alone, you always have us, dear reader! We may not actually be physically present, but we’re right here in this web site, laughing at you—but quietly, so you can’t hear. That’s how much we want you to perceive that we care.”

Congratulations, ladies! It’s high time we had somewhere we could panic as a community.

14 Responses to “Let’s Panic about Babies”

  • Thomas Says:

    That’s a really great website!

  • kristin a Says:

    OMG those fake ads are cracking me up!

  • helenjane Says:

    A work of art, “I endured a bout of furtive, joyless lovemaking,” awesome.

  • Em Says:

    I love it and can’t wait until I can read it WHILE panicking. Hurray!

  • heather Says:

    LOVE the fake ads!

  • Mrs. Kennedy Says:

    Thanks, Maggie!

  • Alice Says:

    Maggie, you’re the best!

  • eva Says:

    great advertisements. thanks for always finding something to make me smile:)

  • Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com Says:

    Lol the ads are awesome!

  • e Says:

    *snif* I tried to visit but got:

    Site Temporarily Unavailable
    We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

    error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

    Since I don’t know who the webmaster/tech support is, I’m sticking it here.

  • mar Says:

    Me too – Site Temporarily Unavailable.


  • freddy Says:

    Site down. Maggie, did you slashdot Let’s Panic??

  • hmh Says:

    a friend sent this to me this morning. i’m 39 weeks so i bookmarked it for future comic relief. hilarious.

  • Tiffany Says:

    One of the most fabulous things I’ve ever seen! And I work in the OB/GYN field! Brilliant!