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Nov 20 2008

Spoiling the Surprise

This is what I’m getting everyone for Christmas.

55 Responses to “Spoiling the Surprise”

  • samantha Says:


  • Melanie Says:

    Is that…what I think it is?

  • Janna Says:

    Ha! Where on earth did you find that?

  • Gillian Says:

    Oh my!

  • Robin Says:

    I love the “empower women, wear a vagina” tagline. I do wear one every day, but I keep it in my pants.

  • derfina Says:

    Hmmm. That looks mighty familiar!

  • Laura Says:

    I think I already have one!

  • Megan Says:

    [quick glance] Oh, it’s a pair of lips!
    [further inspection] Wait, oh…well, yes.

  • Syd Says:

    Ha, I clicked over from my RSS reader to see if anyone was going to mention that the gift looked like…well, what it is. Very nice. Well done.

  • Rachel Says:

    Oh MY. Should I be concerned if I don’t have one of those little pearl things? AM I NOT NORMAL???

  • Sarah Brown Says:

    I am waiting by the mailbox.

  • Meg Says:

    Ahh! Fell out of my chair laughing. LOVE IT>

  • Em Says:

    The pearl thing is your clitoris, so yes, you should be very concerned if you don’t have one.

  • sas Says:

    It’s stunning.

  • stef Says:

    my boyfriend tilting his head, looking at the picture: “why would anyone wear a pair of lips with a cold sore… ooohhh!”

  • hi kooky Says:

    That’s quite a statement.

  • Cameron Says:

    Might want to throw in one of these:


    Just because.

  • cmom Says:

    Are the outer lips supposed to be red too, because if they are then there is something wrong with me… just sayin…

  • carrie Says:


    Em is right, be worried if you no have no pearl.

  • Marissa Says:

    I do believe that is a vag my dear.

  • embee Says:

    Even the guys? Or are they going to get something phallic.

  • Berit Says:

    I second Robin’s sentiment. This very much takes sexy away.

  • crazyLovesCompany Says:

    I wish my pearl looked like that. Might be easier to find.

  • JachiCue Says:

    Robin, I agree completely.

    Never leave home without it.

  • Vicky Says:

    I have a magnet that is very similar on the side of my drafting table. It used to live on my fridge but my husband asked me to move it. :)

  • Heather-in-Australia Says:

    Tired of wearing her heart on her sleeve, Maggie decided it was time for a c*nt on her collar ;).

  • Shelley Noble Says:

    I love crafting with felt but this proves it’s all gone toooooo far. Also if your lips are that red, something’s wrong!

  • keagansmom Says:


    LOL! That was brilliant!

  • Puanani Says:

    Oh, my! I love it. I also dry felt and as a rule, tend to felt rebellious type items. I must admit though, I have never ventured into this region…
    However, the link led me to the artist’s other work. The bee pendant with the real bee and real bit of hive; out of this world. It is time to tend to our bee shortage!

  • mommyknows Says:

    Hmmm … what will all of those women do with an extra. What will all of the men do with one of their own.

    Do tell!

  • Dorothy Stahlnecker Says:

    Hmmm because of my cancer, mines been on vacation almost a year..this might just work for my husband.

    Dorothy from grammology

    How do we order one?

  • Mrs. Tiggywinkle Says:

    Owning a pin like that would just Tickle my Fancy! I would have to think Long and Hard about wearing one to Church, tho.

  • anna Says:

    That’s it. We’re breaking up.

  • Kirsty Says:

    Oh my! That is fabulous!

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  • april Says:

    Oh my. I think I’m glad to not be on your Christmas list…..

  • Imanitsud Says:

    One word: Tacky!

  • Jessica Says:

    Oh good, because I got you one of these: http://www.yoni.com/vagina_lips_cushion.html

  • stuperb Says:

    oh.my.god. i hadn’t stopped by here in a while, but was so glad I did today. Thank you for the early morning laugh….nay, guffaw.

  • amanda Says:

    Boy, this takes me back to elementary school and the dear friend whose mom made naked ass magnets with panty hose. So many crack upon the fridge, it touches you.

  • Leona Says:

    Did I tell you I made friends with Bitch Magazine? I am sending them a link to this right now BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME.

  • aaryn b. Says:

    How do I get my name on your gift-recipient list???
    This is fabulous!

  • sunny Says:

    that is so freakin funny…

  • Carrie Says:

    I want a pearl on mine….

  • MommyNamedApril Says:


  • Bradlley Tee Says:

    You know the funniest thing about this cute little gift idea is it’s universal potential. I would bet a majority share of the viewers of this item would have to think twice about it’s reality. I mean put it on it’s side and pucker up baby! So I guess it’s the gift that gives a little something to everyone.