Mighty Life List
Mar 28 2007

Three Things on My Mind

1. How restaurants, when they give me tea, never give me the ability to stop the brewing process. Help me out here, restaurants. A saucer for the teabag, a little basket that lifts out of the pot, thereby removing the loose leaves. Or, if you want to get all fancy, a carafe of boiling water with which to dilute the syrupy, over-caffeinated, mouth-puckering stew. What do you say, restaurants? Let’s do this thing.

2. How I was not ready with my camera when the be-kilted St. Patrick’s Day bagpiper paused to coo over Hank in his little green onesie. Drat. Fiddlesticks.

3. Using see-saws and merry-go-rounds to pump water in developing nations is awesome.

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