22 thoughts on “Hoodlums

  1. Melanie

    LMAO! Sounds about right. Except – were you downtown? Near Pioneer Courthouse Square? Then I’m shocked that none of them aggressively panhandled you.
    On the other hand, maybe that’s what their sign was about.

  2. TSM

    There was that guy in Portland with a sign that said “Family killed by Ninjas-need money for vengeance!”

    Original enough that it deserved a fiver. At least!

  3. Blythe

    I never thought I’d miss the Portland street kids, but it seems it has come to that. Probably a good thing you didn’t take their photo, however; the sign suggests they might mug you if they found a good reason.

  4. You can call me, 'Sir'

    Who would have guessed that even annoying teen angst exhibits flashes of occassional brilliance?

  5. Ann

    I hope you see the other sides of Portland, as well. The Doug Fir concert venue, Stumptown coffee, Voodoo Doughnuts (although that’s really the same side), Lovely Hula Hands Hawaiian restaurant on Mississippi, Music Millenium, and the ever-peaceful largest urban park in the U.S.: Forest Park.

  6. Samantha

    Portland Oregon? I lived there for two years :) I’m going back for my honeymoon in three months woohoo! The homeless people had some pretty clever signs there. Be careful around the Pioneer Square area by the MAX because they don’t take no for an answer very easily there. Walking around with my ipod in my ears usually kept them away.

    Make sure to visit the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden which is up near NW 23rd–another hot spot!

  7. Sunny

    My brother lives in downtown Portland, and apparently they have this problem with street kids, who aren’t homesless, and in fact live priviledged lives in the Portland suburbs…but think that its fun to beg for change and berate people.

    But, if you are in Portland, stop for brunch (breakfast at least) at the Daily Cafe in the Pearl district downtown. There is nothing like it in the entire world!

  8. ShariMac

    That’s my hometown, baby!

    Portland: Where the street kids are more annoying than dangerous.

    It’s our Tourism Department’s new advertising catch phrase.

  9. Alex

    Do you think they had those T-shirts made?
    I like to think their mothers made ’em for their boys as a reminder.

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