Three Things on My Mind

28th March 2007

1. How restaurants, when they give me tea, never give me the ability to stop the brewing process. Help me out here, restaurants. A saucer for the teabag, a little basket that lifts out of the pot, thereby removing the loose leaves. Or, if you want to get all fancy, a carafe of boiling water with which to dilute the syrupy, over-caffeinated, mouth-puckering stew. What do you say, restaurants? Let’s do this thing.

2. How I was not ready with my camera when the be-kilted St. Patrick’s Day bagpiper paused to coo over Hank in his little green onesie. Drat. Fiddlesticks.

3. Using see-saws and merry-go-rounds to pump water in developing nations is awesome.

13,809 thoughts on “Three Things on My Mind

  1. Jill

    As a tea addict, I can confess that if there’s no place to set the tea bag, I get cranky enough to set it right on the table. Shh, don’t tell.

  2. Lane

    Re: number 1, I always liked this about St. Francis Diner. Most of the time, they bring you a little stainless steel dish for your tea bag. I miss that place. Other times, I just try to get most of the water out of the bag and set it on my plate or in an empty glass, or something. And if there’s nothing else, like Jill, I’ll set it on the table. If they’re not going to give me a place to put it, I’ll invent one dagnabbit.

    What I really hate, though, is when they give you *scalding* hot water so your tea is brewed practically the instant the tea bag hits the water, then you have to practically wait an hour before you can drink it. Completely unnecessary.

  3. Alex

    ps-I love your blog. You’re hilarious. I feel the same way about tea, esp. since I like it weak to begin with.

  4. Erin

    Re: 1. My sentiments exactly. When left with no other options I used to put it in the ashtray til one of my smoker friends pitched a fit about it. Apparently a used tea bag is more disgusting than ashy deathsticks.

  5. Kate C.

    I love the swear word drat. We should all use it more, so I have some company when I use it.

    Tea should be made with boiling water. Not hot, not thinking about simmering. Boiling.

    I gave up coffee for Lent (Bad. Idea.) and have been drinking tea regularly for the first time since moving back to the US from GB. And I can’t deal with the “siphoned from the coffee resevoir at Starbucks” method of tea brewing.

    You end up with too-weak tea that is shortly thereafter also too-cold after you add your milk.

    How about it restaurants? How about making tea like the tea experts make their tea? With boiling water and a place for the tea detritus when it’s done brewing… yeah.

    Also, *I* want a little green onsie… don’t know what I would do with it, since I have no kids. But I want one.

  6. aimee/greeblemonkey

    OMG, #3. It’s like Monsters Inc. We could harness all the children and make water and energy and, and, fix third world debt. Seriously. We have been driving through Arizona for a week bemoaning the fact that people have not figured out a way to cost effectively use the sun yet and the answer is right in front of us! Hyperactive children!

    And I am *not* being facetious. OK, maybe a little, but that ROCKS.

  7. srah

    I want that tea thing too. I have issues about my teabag being in the cup at the same time as the milk (because I am crazy), so it must be removed prior to the milk being added. So I either have to find somewhere to put it or throw it away. And I don’t want to throw it away, because that tea bag should be good for another cup! Because I am cheap as well as crazy!

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