Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart, Outfit No. 2

Chalk is hilarious!

Actually, this is the first outfit we photographed, and Margaret wasn’t totally at ease yet. So I think I’d just asked her something penis-related in the above photo. For whatever reason, male genitalia references really throw my friends for a loop. Also, this totally counts as Margaret’s casual wear. I told you she was a fashion superstar.

Shirt by Banana Republic.


How great is this photo? Oh, Isabel, you’re always in the right place at the right time. Margaret’s skirt isn’t vintage, by the way. Shocking, right? She purchased it in Boston, and the brand is ½ Un-Demi. That crisp tie in the back kills me.

These are Margaret’s Lego earrings. I suspect she bought them as a nod to all the engineers when she was working at Google proper. Also, because she’s a nerd. (Fist bump, nerds.)

The earrings are by *eo*ware.

These shoes? Yes.

I’m hideous at shoe shopping, so I try to drag Margaret along when possible. She’s responsible for my pink boots, and my bronze cowboy boots. She’s always right when she insists you buy something.

These straw-soled wedgies are also by Banana Republic.

This is where the sexy part of secretary comes in. She’s erasing so. very. slowly.

Tomorrow she uses a cosmetics bag as a clutch. Be still my heart.

Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart

Hi, all. I’ve decided to post these outfit by outfit, because posting all five at once was too overwhelming. Also, you’ll to want to savor this particular closet. This is my friend Margaret Stewart with her very fun daughters Beatrice and Isabel. Margaret is one of my fashion heros.

She’s a mom of three (Charlie wasn’t around when we were getting glammed up), and also the User Experience Manager at You Tube. You may recognize her from past posts — the Stewarts are around a lot, and even traveled to Argentina with us. In fact, Margaret bought this dress in Buenos Aires after many pouty faces in front of the dressing room mirror, and much encouragement from me.

She said, “I love it, but where will I wear it?” I said, “It has a tutu skirt! This is quintessential San Francisco formal. Too casual on top, ballerina on the bottom. It’s gonna come up.”

A while later she wore it to a Sex-and-the-City themed 30th birthday bash. See? Perfect. The genius dress is made by Veronica Alfie for Veroalfie. They didn’t have it in my size while we were there, but I’m still coveting it.

This enamel cuff is a recent purchase from the Maker Faire craft market. I love the colors. It’s by leighelena, who makes those rings I covet.

Shoes are by Stuart Weitzman, they were a hand-me-down from Margaret’s equally fashionable sister.

I wish I’d gotten a photo from behind, the tank is racer-back. Ooo-la-la.

But you must pay the rent!

Margaret’s beloved mustache necklace is from a Swedish Museum Shop. She doesn’t remember the designer’s name, but you can find all kinds of similar ones on Etsy.

So that’s day one! Tomorrow, casual wear. See you then.

Fun Thing: Maker Faire Preview


Have you been to Maker Faire? You should go.

Maker Faire is an annual DIY bonanza with a focus on science and technology, though there’s an excellent crafts hall as well. Essentially, if you make something cool with your own hands and brain, you can apply to be one of the “Makers” the Faire hosts each year. It’s so huge in the Bay Area that it always seems to be sold out by the time I get my act together.

But this year! This year was different, because of Margaret. Margaret is the kind of friend who ends up with spare tickets to movie previews, or coronations, or space shuttle rides. It’s seriously uncanny. So last week she called to say that she had an extra ticket to preview night at Maker Faire, which means all the cool stuff with none of the lines or parking conundrums. So I made out with her. You would too if someone took you to see a fire-breathing snail car.