Fun Thing: Maker Faire Preview

1st June 2009

Have you been to Maker Faire? You should go.

Maker Faire is an annual DIY bonanza with a focus on science and technology, though there’s an excellent crafts hall as well. Essentially, if you make something cool with your own hands and brain, you can apply to be one of the “Makers” the Faire hosts each year. It’s so huge in the Bay Area that it always seems to be sold out by the time I get my act together.

But this year! This year was different, because of Margaret. Margaret is the kind of friend who ends up with spare tickets to movie previews, or coronations, or space shuttle rides. It’s seriously uncanny. So last week she called to say that she had an extra ticket to preview night at Maker Faire, which means all the cool stuff with none of the lines or parking conundrums. So I made out with her. You would too if someone took you to see a fire-breathing snail car.

8 thoughts on “Fun Thing: Maker Faire Preview

  1. hippittee

    curious…did you buy that red enamel ring?? <3 it! left a message for leighelena via etsy…hope to hear back!! thanks, as always for sharing your fun finds/times!

  2. Gaby

    Thanks for sharing this, I’d love to attend! Although, I might yak, just a bit, at the DIY pregnant rat. But it’s a risk I’m willing to take!

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