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Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

11th January 2013

I’m really proud of the growing sense of community over on Go Mighty. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to load up your life list and share your experiences. Reading them is a daily source of inspiration and, after 12 years of writing here about my life list and all of the support I have received, it’s a joy to finally have the opportunity to read more about your goals and cheer you on.

Here are a few favorites from the week:

I shared my thoughts in the comments on this one. I cannot recommend this enough. It will transform your wardrobe.

I love this unique way to preserve a memory.

It’s never too late to become a ballerina.

This story prompted me to add a new goal to my life list. Good luck, Jessica. You’ve got this.

Loren wants to make handmade handkerchiefs as gifts to celebrate the milestones in her friends’ lives.

Photo credit: Maile Wilson

A Few Life List Favorites from Go Mighty This Week

28th December 2012

Life List Inspiration | Mighty Girl

I gave this postcard of encouragement to my friend Fiona before her first swim lesson. While she conquers her fear of the water, I’m learning to swim freestyle. She’s sharing the experience on Go Mighty. Our first lesson was last week.

Here are a few experiences shared on Go Mighty that caught my eye this week:

Let’s talk about confidence. What makes you feel sexy?

Watch Kathryn complete her goal in 25 seconds.

Do you have a poem committed to memory? Come share your favorite line.

Cake #3 in Elizabeth’s 50 cakes for 50 people project: Orange Butter Cake with Chocolate Ganache.

My doodling friend Helen Jane needs some nouns that begin with Q and X. Chime in, word nerds.

After a thirty-three year love affair, Sheri finally crossed this goal off of her list.

Have you added anything new to your life list, recently?

Camp Mighty: I’ve Got Your Dark Matter Right Here

20th November 2012

The Space Camp party was all right, I guess.

Camp Mighty Space Camp action

Every year when the geeks stand around drinking Tangtinis in their physics-jokes costumes, I want to weep with relief. You are my people.

On the other hand, Pluto is such a bummer lately.

Team Mighty is a little more upbeat.

I can’t wait to tell you all about the talks, projects, goals, and ideas that made my brain full over the weekend.

In the meantime, a few attendees requested Camp Mighty gift certificates so they could give a camp trip to loved ones for the holidays. Those will be available for the next few weeks! Enjoy the registration loophole while you can.

Also, a huge thanks to Smilebooth, which is the most epic photo booth available. Damn, you guys are good at what you do. You find more Camp Mighty photos right here.

Life List How To: It’s Just a Phase

15th November 2012

If you couldn’t make Camp Mighty this year, this is me bringing a little taste to your laptop. (Mmm. Tastes like achievement. And gin gimlets.) For increased verisimilitude, please wear a paper party hat while you watch this video I filmed in my hotel room.

While we’re in Palm Springs, Olay is giving Alice Bradley of Finslippy a grant to cover the head shots she needed for her work as a freelance writer. She’s having them taken here at the Ace, and it’s our first foray into wish granting. [Ed note: Between you and me, Alice totally asked for more wishes. Which? Pro move. Now I’m sad that I’m not a genie. But mostly because I want to wear harem pants around without people asking me why I’m in my pajamas.]

If you haven’t requested an invitation to the Go Mighty beta yet, please go do that so you can enter to win a grant too. We’ll send a note to your inbox as we grow.

I’m doing a series of these videos, so please let me know in comments any questions you’d like answered about Life Lists. And then I will attempt to answer them. If you’d like to comment on my appearance, my sexuality, or my relative idiocy level, I think you’re supposed to do that on YouTube? So maybe click through. I don’t really know how it works.

Ready? Go.

Life List: Squeeze all the juice out of the 2012 holiday season.

5th November 2012

I sometimes delay Fun until it magically becomes Not Fun — particularly around the holidays. For example, I love choosing presents, but I wait until the twelfth hour and abracadabra. I’m at the Container Store on Christmas Eve beating someone senseless with a Keepsake Shadowbox.

Last year, I realized there are a things I must do during the holiday season, or I feel under-celebratory — like I missed everything and I’m starting the New Year off-kilter. So I posted my 12 Holiday Resolutions on Go Mighty.

Is there anything you can’t skip or it just doesn’t feel like the holidays?

Going Mighty

26th October 2012

It’s launch time for our beta, are you ready?

3…2…1 GO MIGHTY!

Yus, son! Sarah, Laura, Amber and I are popping champagne corks and clinking glasses, toasting our brand new adventure. To celebrate, we’re giving you guys a sneak peak, so please join us. Request an invite and BYOLL (Bring Your Own Life List) to upload. Go Mighty is all baby steps and beta steps right now, but that’s where you come in. We want to know what you actually want and needs before we decide which new features to roll out first. Go Mighty will be evolving dramatically over the next few days and weeks, so give us your feedback, and please be gentle. It’s possible we’re a little sleepy over here.

And, what kind of party would it be without presents? Our bangarang partner Olay is gifting goals to to a few early Go Mighty users. (Which? Full circle, y’all.) To be considered for a gifted goal, you’ll want to tag your goal with ‘Olay.’ For more details and eligibility requirements, visit GoMighty.com/Olay.

If you’re a Rachael Ray fan, look for me on the show today. Nothing like testing the servers with a national TV appearance right out the gate, am I right? Keep your fingers crossed on this point, my friends. Maybe your eyes too.

In the meantime, let us know what you want to see on the site (info@gomighty.com). Get uploading and give us your feedback so we can iterate with you in mind. Custom, baby, that’s what we’re all about.

Now. Here’s the part where I thank you again for being on my team. Thank you. After twelve years of deep kindness from all of you, it’s such a joy to finally be able to give something tangible back. I cannot wait to really get to know you. Lurkers — I am especially talking to you. Show your faces! Tell us what you want. Let’s all start helping each other.

Mighty Summit 2012

27th September 2012

• Attend a state dinner
• Take breakdancing lessons
• Learn to apply false eyelashes

The best thing about Mighty Summit is reading everyone’s Life Lists. It’s like speed dating for your brain.

Though reading everyone’s posts afterward is a close second:

“We stayed at Boon Hotel + Spa for the weekend. The air up there was just so clean. I felt like I could breathe deeper.” – Meg Biram of Mimi+Meg

• Have a sexy marriage
• Own 200 dresses
• Help someone through college

Reading someone’s goals gives me the same thrill I used to get when I first started reading personal websites in the early days of the Internet. You get to know about someone before you dive into knowing them for real. It gives you so many good places to start, so many chances to find their most sympathetic side.

“Each woman at Mighty Summit brought a life list. 100 or so things she wanted to accomplish over her lifetime. And on our last day together we picked five that we want to tackle in the next year. It sounds like it could be a little hippie-dippie woo-woo (and we all know I’m totally hippie-dippie woo-woo) but it was truly powerful.” – Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative

“There is power in sharing your goals, in being vulnerable, and frankly, in being willing to fail. To really live out our dreams, we need to be prepared for the possibility that we won’t achieve them. It’s easy to make a list of things we can easily do (and there’s a need for that too), but to get to the heart of the matter, we need to dive in, leave fear behind, and say what we really, really want.” – Elizabeth Stark of Brooklyn Supper

• See North Korea
• Own a popcorn machine
• Take up barefoot running

It’s scary speaking your hopes out loud. I used to worry that I’d fail to achieve something I said I wanted. Or oddly, I worried that I would succeed, which means you can no longer define yourself by your struggle for a particular dream. What does it mean once you’ve written the book, had the kid, climbed the mountain? What next?

• Renovate a barn
• Drive a stick shift
• Be a junior member of the Explorer’s Club

Hoping for these things suggests that you deserve them. You never know how the people around you will react to that, or even how you will. I think that’s why so many people disdain this kind of emotional exercise. It’s easier to laugh at the idea of improving yourself, or your lot, than it is to face the terrifying vulnerability of claiming something better for yourself, and then attempting it.

“…as we went around the circle sharing dreams and goals of all scales of magnitude — the redwoods towering over us in an appropriately protective fashion — one by one, deep breaths were taken, souls were bared, vulnerabilities shared, help asked for. And 30 women became stronger by way of dipping their toes (sometimes their whole body) into a pool of vulnerability.” – Christine Koh of Boston Mamas

“The whole retreat was a perfect mix of socialization and thoughtful contemplation.” – Catie Nienaber of Cuffington

Talking about Life Lists is filling for me. It’s an exercise in trust, and an education in possibility.

“I left Might Summit with a better sense of self than I’ve had in quite some time. Goals clearly outlined, plans written down, proposals in the works.” – Kelly Beall of Design Crush

So what are you hoping for yourself? Who can help get you there? And if you had to choose, just five things to knock off your life list this year, what would they be?