La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Facial Sunscreen

25th April 2017


Hello! This isn’t an ad, it’s a thing I use.

A few weeks ago, I told you about the face cream I’ve been using for years, and mentioned that I have a favorite sunscreen too.

This is it: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Facial Sunscreen. I’ve been using it on my face, neck, chest, and hands for the past few years. As my girlfriends and I enter our 40s and 50s, we talk about how you can really see who has been wearing sunscreen and sun hats their whole lives — especially the white ladies, although everyone seems to get age spots and the like. I haven’t been militant about sunscreen until the last five years or so, but man, it’s kind of shocking the difference it made when I started applying religiously.

Why Anthelios is the best:

• It works. It doesn’t seem to require as much reapplication as other sunscreens. My age spots are fading, and I’m not picking up any new freckles, which has been a lifelong problem for me.
• It’s a watery liquid, so lightweight you can’t even feel it on your face and neck. You can get a sense of the texture at 2:37 in this video.
• It doesn’t have that overpowering sunscreen smell, and it also doesn’t smell “tropical.”
• It goes on matte.
• It absorbs almost instantly, and feels good under makeup.
• A little goes a long, long way.

Target carries it, but it’s a couple bucks cheaper on Amazon. It’s around $30 for a 2 oz bottle that goes and goes. So it’s not cheap, but again you don’t need much. I put it in the category of good makeup and preventative health stuff like vitamins. Protect your skin, healthy peoples!

If you have a sunscreen you’re devoted to, especially a whole-body one, I’d love to hear.

8 thoughts on “La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Facial Sunscreen

  1. Molly Ditmore

    Supergoop makes the best all-over sunscreen, SPF 50. I wear it every day and so does my kid. An 18 oz jug with a pump lasts us 3-4 months and is a bargain at $48 ( if you consider 3 oz drugstore brands at $10/tube). They also make an SPF oil that I use on my legs because I am fancy and like to shine. It’s a woman-owned company too. I think it’s online only

  2. Celeste

    I use this very same sunscreen and have for maybe three years? I agree with everything you say and would add that it does not bother my stupidly, frustratingly, SUPER sensitive hive prone skin, which is like some kind of miracle.

  3. Jenn

    This is my fave sunscreen too! Also one of the few that isn’t irritating and doesn’t pill weirdly with makeup on top.

    I like Coppertone’s Water babies as an allover sunscreen. Only downside is that you do smell like sunscreen for awhile! Easy to find, not too expensive, consistently well rated by Consumer Reports.

  4. Katie_B

    This stuff is THE BEST. Vichy makes one that is pretty much identical (I think the companies are affiliated?) and it is often a few dollars cheaper at my drug store. I use Vichy or La Roche Posay “50 SPF for kids” for the rest of my body. And, um, on the kids:) A little more expensive than some brands, but very mild scent, good protection, no parabens.

  5. Maggeh Post author

    @molly What do you love about it? Stay power? Smell or lack thereof? Texture?

    @Celeste Yes. I have these problems. Skin twins! Yaaaaay.

    @Jenn Yes! The pilling is such a pain. Especially bad if your makeup also has sunscreen, right? I’ve never used Coppertone, I’ll check in.

    @Katie_B Ooo. That Vichy pro-tip! Thank you.

  6. Nora

    This is my favorite too! I discovered it when we had money left over at the end of the year in my FSA account (you can buy sunscreen using your flexible spending account, because it’s healthcare-related!). I decided to get some fancy sunscreen, and now I’m addicted. I also love their anti-aging primer, which sort of fills in small wrinkles and makes a noticable difference.

  7. sarah

    I’ve been using the CeraVe day/night lotions for a while now because they have some good ingredients (ceramides! hyaluronic acid!) and are also very, very inexpensive at Target. The day lotion has spf 30–I normally prefer lotions that include sunscreens (or sunscreen I can use as lotion), since I have oily skin prone to hormonal acne, and the fewer products I use the better (usually). That said, the CeraVe day lotion does feel more thick/heavy than I normally like, and leaves my skin shinier than ideal. Surprisingly it doesn’t cause breakouts–which is why I’ve stuck with it–but I’d like to try something new, so this may be perfect!

  8. Caitlin

    I tried this out at the drugstore the other day and I’m impressed. I may make the switch. Have you tried out the tinted version or just the plain?

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