Creative Playthings Vintage Toys

11th April 2017

An article I was reading mentioned Creative Playthings, a vintage brand of toys “to provide simple and beautifully designed toys to promote a child’s creativity and imagination.” Reminds me a little of the modern brand Kid O. Anyway, a quick Etsy search turned up some beautiful (if pricey) stuff:


Rocking Beauty


Sand Paddle


Zoo Blocks


Magnifying Stool

Ball TrackCreativePlaythingsChimeToy

I also found an image of this structure, which is the exact one they had at my preschool(?) I think:


I can feel the texture of the wood slide surface in my hands. Crazy.

4 thoughts on “Creative Playthings Vintage Toys

  1. Liz

    Although not as simple and clean, hearth song and magic cabin carry variants on many of these. Melissa & Doug make a terrific and sturdy magnifying stool. We just gave ours away to goodwill. My kids (13 and 11) have been too large for ages to sit on it, but the magnifying glass was used for years to examine bugs and flowers. My parents had that slide when I was a kid – I remember my brothers and I would set up pillows and blankets at the bottom for added sliding fun.

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