Gifts For Men with Good Stories and Smiley Eyes

14th December 2016

Oak Bar Tool, $39
He gets a cool toy, you get cocktails when you get home from work.

Mini Lumio Book Lamp, $125
We got one of these illuminated books as a wedding gift, and it’s one of the most magical things we own.

Tiny Everstrike Lighter, $10
So much of masculinity is based on the ability to call forth fire in myriad circumstances.

Arduboy, $49
Arduboy is a credit-card-sized, open-source game system that you can program yourself. It was funded on Kickstarter and looks pretty cool.

Ceramic Flask, $92
Now he can feel sophisticated sneaking booze into the movie theater.

Paper Bots: PaperMade, $13
Sometimes he misses getting toys for the holidays.

Felt Bedside Caddy, $20
What he really wants in life is first crack at the remote.

2 thoughts on “Gifts For Men with Good Stories and Smiley Eyes

  1. Liz

    Hello! I wanted to tell you that your Blue Shop has identified three (!) separate Christmas presents for me! Thank you!!

  2. Jenn

    I love popping by your sight and seeing treasures. We got a couple Arduboys for our elementary aged kids and my smiley-eyed man is currently teaching them to program little things. Best $49 (x2) on a Christmas gift!

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