Gifts for Tiny, Yawning Babies

5th December 2016


David Bowie Rock n Sole’ Baby slippers, $39 MrsBojingles
Amost everything in this shop is amazing. Go consider all the tiny baby feet in Daft Punk slippers.


Felt Grey Whale Baby Rattle, $20 Newmies
Call me Ishmael.


Grimm’s Wooden Stacking and Nesting Bowls, $32
A pretty developmental toy.


Boon Marco Light-Up Bath Toy, $9 Amazon
1,000 Leagues Under the Sink Faucet


Rhino Toys Oball Original, $7 Amazon
These balls are so easy for babies to grasp.


Natural Disk Rattle, $21 Cooper Hewitt


Playable Art Ball, $30 MoMA Store

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2 thoughts on “Gifts for Tiny, Yawning Babies

  1. Amy

    Those o-balls are awesome. We have the rattle ball version and it’s the first toy my babies can grasp well and play with.

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