Advent Grab Bags at The Secret Cake Society

3rd November 2016

Look! A lovely thing that heralds carefree times!

We just finished packaging our Advent Grab Bags, $35, which means they’re finally ready to order. This is the fourth year we’ve made these kits, which are tiny Santa bags with a blindfold included. Every night, you or your kiddo can reach in for something that will make you happy about childhood.


I originally made the kits because I couldn’t find a pre-stocked advent set anywhere, and I was buying too many things in bulk just to get the one cool thing I wanted. Hank looks forward to them every year, and each toy was selected for maximum fun. So in my opinion, there’s no dumb stuff.

Just like last year, 20 percent of proceeds go to IntraHealth International. We hope to donate enough for a one-year training scholarship for two nurses. Those nurses go to a community that doesn’t have enough access to health workers, so you’re doing a good thing with your purchase.


Last year, several of you requested stocking stuffers. This is an excellent suggestion, so we put together a set of those too.


Picking the toys was very, very fun, and we ended up with a set of Stocking Stuffers for Little Kids, $56, and Stocking Stuffers for Big Kids, $56.

And finally, I saw too many Jewish friends buying kits for love. You sweeties. I know you guys were repackaging those, and I had guilt. So!


We made Hooray for Hanukkah! Gift Bags, $46. Aren’t they so cute? Worth it for the gelt-tasting party alone.

We also made a real, live shop to house everything called The Secret Cake Society. It’s named after the kids’ club at our wedding, which I’ll tell you about next week, because it was awesome.

In the meantime, go check out what’s inside the bags, and get your holidays all tidied up before the crazy sets in.