Old Stuff!

Want to see what I bought at the flea? Loot!


We had to sell the old cabin (ugh. oof.). But! We finally found a new weekend place so we have a place to escape from the one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. So now we need furniture. This is for all our craft stuff.


We got this guy so Brad would have a place to put his fancy Panama Hat we bought in a junk shop in Australia.


But Ozzy has claimed him. Head is his new favorite friend, and he’s made of super lightweight balsa so Head will be pretty banged up in short order.


I even got him this little bead thingie for $8, but it proved a temporary distraction from the charms of Giant Wooden Head.


These were a crazy score. We got FIVE of these big ‘ol mirrors for no dollars. The new place has crazy high ceilings, so we needed something that would have a big impact on the wall.


We got this leather chair, sheepskin rug, and fake sheepskin pillow from my favorite lady at the flea. She’s always there with her son in a stall toward the back of the market, and she has killer taste.


Vintage cutting board needs love, and love it shall receive. The shape is so good.


Dansk is my favorite brand of pots, these are some of the remakes, but they were cheap and red! So I scooped them, even though I prefer the ones with the crazy handles.


This is a drafting table that we lowered so Ozzy and Hank could use it as an easel.


Weird Emu potholder.


This is side view of a wooden recipe box.


Tiny cowboy boots! $10!


Also, I was getting a sunburn, so chair lady sold me a hat for cheap. Thanks, chair lady! Ozzy likes to wear hats while he plays, so everyone was pleased.

Good scores right? Ah. I love you, Alameda Flea.

7 thoughts on “Old Stuff!

  1. Reading this, I was reminded that I would love to know more about how you make living with kids in a small space in SF work. My husband and I are in Seattle and are grappling really hard with the where we want to live vs. what space we can afford vs. what is reasonable to do with kids quandry. Ideally we want to stay small and in the heart of the city where prices are crazy and we can afford a postage stamp place. But…how does it WORK? You give me hope that the life I want for myself is doable, but I don’t know how to imagine it! Also, amazing finds, you are an inspiration on many fronts 🙂


  2. Oooooh, I think the new weekend place might b the most amazing find! Those floating stairs! That floor! Can’t wait until you’re ready to show more of it.


  3. I second what Mara said! I’d love to see posts on both how you make your 1 bed work for your family AND on this new cabin of yours!


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