Objects of My Affection

17th August 2016

All my for-sale stuff was getting mixed up with all my can’t-buy-it stuff on Pinterest, so I just started a few shopping boards. Rectified.

This is where I’m putting all the lady clothes I love while I wait for everything to go on sale.

This is vintage stuff I find for sale that’s the wrong size, or redonk expensive, or so crazy perfect but I live in a one-bedroom apartment with a spouse and two children and I’m trying to keep the pathways open.

try it, you’ll like it
An almost-never-updated board of things that are perfect. Peeeerrrrrfect. The best of everything for you, my friend.


In other stuff news, I love this super simple grey backpack with charging capability, $200. Good fancy gift.


3 thoughts on “Objects of My Affection

  1. jamie

    love this! but i would also love to hear how the four of you of living in a one-bedroom apartment.

  2. Pam

    I had the same thought! how – also how!? Does it require everyone putting things away after they’ve used them?

  3. Cait

    Our family of two in a one bedroom will become a family of three in a one bedroom soon if all goes well–I would also LOVE to hear any tips. There are pretty good testimonials online from people with infants in one bedrooms, but even most of those wind up throwing in the towel when the baby becomes a toddler or a second baby is introduced. I am super impressed with your city apartment skills and dying to know more.

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