A Perfect Thing

17th March 2016


Brad and I are getting married in July, and the wedding dress hunt is a bust so far, possibly because my brain is skipping on the cotton-candy-ripple-cha-cha pictured above.

Christian Siriano is the designer, remember him from Project Runway? I saw this image of it in Darcy Miller‘s Instagram feed and barely refrained from licking my phone screen.

It is impressively, and justifiably, out of my price range. But! The per-wearing cost would bring it well into budget. I could drape myself over a fainting couch every morning and eat breakfast bonbons in my own personal joy cloud.

9 thoughts on “A Perfect Thing

  1. Lisa

    Maybe you can hire a star stylist instead and they can arrange for you to borrow it for your wedding like they do for celebs during awards season?

    After all, you are famous among dozens :)

  2. AnnW

    Contact Christian, he might make a special deal, especially if you ever invite him to a Mighty Girl event. Ask everyone that reads your blog for a small donation, like a dollar. I’m game. Every time I see a picture of the baby, I think how different your life was two or three years ago. Amazing, isn’t it?

  3. Liz

    Does Rent the Runway do wedding dresses? That only works if you don’t mind not owning the dress after the fact, but it definitely opens up some possibilities.

  4. Suzanne

    I saw this and immediately thought Wai Ching! She created my sister’s wedding dress. Wai’s clothing is beautiful and also eco-friendly.

  5. Anne Marie

    That dress is so swoon-y!! You would look lovely in it, but I’m sure there’s an equally fabulous wedding dress just waiting for you. Good luck! :)

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