Balanced App

16th March 2016

Hi, this isn’t an ad.

Have you heard of Balanced App? If you’re trying to form a habit, or achieve a goal that requires repetition, try it. It’s simple, and lovely, and I want to kiss its little digital face.


Selling points:

• It does not pressure me to seek Facebook validation every time I floss my teeth.
• It’s easy to input daily, weekly, monthly, and annual habits.
• It does not suggest I meditate whenever I open it.
• It offers simple metrics for each habit, and the overall list.
• It does not auto-Tweet when I lose weight.
• The text does not remind me of someone on cocaine.

But perhaps most importantly, the interface does not make me recoil. Balanced is beautiful, straightforward, and intuitive. You will like it.

3 thoughts on “Balanced App

  1. BKC

    I abandoned this app a while back when I was looking for something to help me establish a daily habit and shame me when I skipped (finally decided to get serious about flossing, lol). Looks like I had the wrong idea about what it was for. I downloaded it tonight to prompt me to call my grandmother more often. :)

  2. Kate F

    Thanks for the rec–I downloaded it and am playing around with it; checking things off is a great (if silly) motivator for me, so hopefully I can put it to good use.

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