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OK Go’s Upside Down and Inside Out video filmed in zero gravity. The best part is when Damian Kulash says “YEAH! WOO!” at the end. I wish they’d kept the sound.

Brownie Cake is one of those Pinterest ideas that’s still possible for the plebes.

Great quote on silence by Rothko.

Apparently people are still freaking about Beyoncé’s part of the Super Bowl halftime. I do not get it. When those breathtaking girls step from behind her all Black-Panthered out and put their fists in the air? Full body chills. YYYYYESS, LADIES! Yes. (1:40-1:55)

Let’s all live in giant pom poms.

If you like phone games, our family is into Neko Atsume, “Kitty Collector” right now.

Do you know about piglet squids? The ocean is so cool.

Recommended: YSL’s watercolor nail polish in Rose Splash. It makes your nails look super healthy, requires no talent to apply, and when it chips you just swipe on another layer. Pricey, but I’ll use the whole bottle. You can see it on my thumb in yesterday’s book photo.

A Valentine’s Day appropriate mall joke.

So worth it to watch this whole thing:

I want all of my history delivered like this from now on.

Ozzy is almost ten months old, and he’s all about the cobra pose.

Cool stuff my friends are doing

Lisa Congdon is having a book tour to celebrate her book, The Joy of Swimming: A Celebration of Our Love for Getting in the Water. Mai is a featured swimmer!

Pim Techamuanvivit of Chez Pim was on the very first panel I moderated about blogging, which was hosted at the very first Blogher. Anyway, Pim’s San Francisco restaurant, Kin Khao, just got its first Michelin star! Yeeeeah.

Happy Valentine’s weekend, everyone. Please acquire a heart shaped box of chocolate in your own honor.

One thought on “Fridaaay! Links

  1. Why are there no comments? This was a wonderful post! I saw the nail polish you recommended, bought it, and it”s really wonderful! I would have never thought to buy a nail polish by Yves Saint Laurent but it’s amazing! Thank you for putting these links up!! 😀


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