Valentine’s Gifts for the Ladies

21st January 2016

Order now, panic wrap the night before.


A Handmade Valentine
Gather your scissors, glue, and heart-shaped whatsits! The key here is not to produce something artistic, just something that looks like it took you more than ten minutes. Go classic with Doilies, blank cards, heart-shaped cards. Or buy one of these Rocket-Ship Valentine Kits. Your love is out of this world, Valentine!


14K Gold Bar Earrings, $62
The best kind of jewelry is the kind you never need to take off. So you’ll be seeing a lot of these as the evening wears on.


Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer, $147

This lets you print polaroids from digital photos stored on your phone or computer. She already wants one.


Ultra Flannel Throw Blanket, $20

You know that G-string you bought her? That isn’t technically for her. Plus, now she’s cold. Ultra soft cuddling blankets make it possible to wear less clothing. Everyone’s a winner.


Love Coupons, $12

If she doesn’t care about presents, but loves it when you do things for her, draw up some coupons for gassing up her car, having her shoes shined, grabbing sanitary products at the drugstore without complaint. Romantic stuff.


A Heart Shaped Box of Chocolate, $45

Sweet both literally and figuratively. Pair these with the cozy blanket and your weekend plans are in place. Happy Valentine’s Day, you crazy kids.

P.S. Classic Gifts for Women, my Mighty Girl Valentine Guide from 2015 (ignore the beard oil), and Mighty Girl Valentine Guide from 2014.

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