Bug-Bitten Tea

14th January 2016

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I was shopping for my favorite oolong tea recently and noticed the phrase “bug-bitten,” which I’d never seen before.

“Before the harvest, this tea was bitten by green leaf hoppers, setting off a chain reaction that ultimately created a unique honey-like flavor within the leaves. This bug-bitten Tung Ting Formosa oolong has the aroma of orange blossom honey, with a rich, thick body redolent of tropical mango and passion fruit, and the finish of buttered rum.”

Besides, honey and obvious pollination requirements, is this a thing? Are there any other foods that are known to taste better because of bug interaction?

Photo from Tea Mountains.

4 thoughts on “Bug-Bitten Tea

  1. Sarah

    On a completely mid-western level,

    While shucking corn with my grandpa when I ewwww’d at a worm, he’d say, “That means it’s going to be really good. If it ain’t good enough for the worms, it ain’t good enough for me!”

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