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8th January 2016

This song used to enrage High-School Virgin Maggie. She has long waited for this day.

This candle cracks me up. And causes me to withdraw slightly.

Nerds! Finally the perfect postage stamps for your wedding invitations.

Worth re-reading in the wake of the Tamir Rice verdict, Luvvie’s The Stages of What Happens When There’s Injustice Against Black People.

So many people are recommending the Thing Explainer Book online that I bought one for Hank’s birthday.

Did this woman survive?

I want the Stella McCartney Cassie Silk-Tiered Gown. Play the video and see how it moves.

Dropping my phone between seats in the car is doing a number on my delicate hand bones. This seat gap filler is genius. via Cool Tools

Hidden Rainbow Hair is magic!

2 thoughts on “Fridaaay! Links

  1. ranger

    About that song…I loved it so much because of the vocals. That harmony! It wasn’t until my college bf said, “Listen to the lyrics” that I realized how rapey it is. :(

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