Dying Alone

17th November 2015

Did you read The Lonely Death of George Bell in the NYT? This quote from a guy who cleans out the apartments of people who die alone stuck with me:

This job teaches you a lot. You learn whatever material stuff you have you should use it and share it. Share yourself. People die with nobody to talk to. They die and relatives come out of the woodwork. ‘He was my uncle. He was my cousin. Give me what he had.’ Gimme, gimme. Yet when he was alive they never visited, never knew the person. From working in this office, my life changed.

1 thought on “Dying Alone

  1. Alison

    I work as a home health occupational therapist; the things I have seen and heard would fill volumes. I read this article when it was first published and found it simultaneously heartbreaking and a confirmation of my fears about so many of my patients. people are so consumed by well, consuming, and our ways of relating to each other has become so stunted by distance and technology. As a person working with the elderly and infirm, I encourage you all to reach out and connect; with each other, family members, friends. Say hello to your neighbors, and notice the people in your life. It doesn’t need to be large periods of time or grand gestures-just connect. No one should be so isolated that their sad ending warrants an NYT article.

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