Advent Grab Bags Are Pretty Fun

2nd November 2015

** SOLD OUT ** See you next year!


Making happy things! For happy fun times!

Advent Grab Bags are ready to order. The kit is a tiny Santa bag with a blindfold included. Every night, you or your kiddo can reach in for something that will make you nostalgic for your childhood.

Parents, this means you will not have to drive to three different stores to find toys that don’t have licensed cartoon characters on them. Big kids, you will not have to buy a dozen wishing fish just to get one for your significant other. Merry Christmas.

This year 20 percent of proceeds go to IntraHealth International. We hope to donate enough for a one-year training scholarship for two nurses. Those nurses go to a community that doesn’t have enough access to health workers, and then people can get better when they get sick. Ideal.

We only made 100, and unless demand is unexpectedly intense from the get-go, that’s all we’ll have time to make. So if you think you want one, get one! They are super fun.

Order Your Advent Grab Bag
Ages 4 and up
$35, plus shipping
20% of profits support IntraHealth (Hooray!)

5 thoughts on “Advent Grab Bags Are Pretty Fun

  1. kristin

    I tried to order (I live in Australia) but when I changed the shipping to outside US, it went to $0 – which I’m stoked about, but suspect is not what you intended?

  2. Sarah

    Yay! Do you know how many errands this has saved me? I also vote you do a stocking stuffer bag or post. The tiny gifts are the hardest for me.

  3. Maggeh Post author

    Lizzy and Kristin, we decided against international shipping. The cost would be prohibitive for most people, and the timing is so crucial that I cringe thinking of late arrivals. I’m really sorry, guys.

    Sarah, genius. And actually, a lot of people use these for that purpose too. May be too much to put together this year, but next! Next!

  4. Sarah

    Thank you! I am currently on hold with PayPal though, ugh. Really wanting to send $, but cannot go around PayPal or use it. ACK! Will keep trying.

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