Arms Up

21st October 2015

Thanks for the photo Jenny!

I’m forty years old this morning, typing this while the sun comes up. When they learn I’m turning forty, people mostly ask if I’m okay with it. They have concerned faces because they can see the bony fingers of decrepitude encircling my neck.

Thanks for the photo, Miss Bex!

But I feel happy. Life is on a major upswing right now, and I’m riding this rollercoaster hill to the mothrafrocking top. I can barely even see the flags from here.

P.S. Everyone needs a giant pool flamingo.

13 thoughts on “Arms Up

  1. Patti

    You look great! Happy Birthday. 40s were my best years. More confident, stopped taking life so seriously. Enjoy!

  2. Cindy

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday! I just think 40 is the grandest. I will be turning 40 in about three months and I’ve been looking so forward to it. Seriously. Any year we survive is worth celebrating. Any year we survive and flourish is worth a BIG celebration. So I’m raising my coffee mug in a toast. Here’s to another wonderful 40 more years (at the very least) of Mighty!

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