United Nations Global Goals


These are the seventeen goals the United Nations has for the world over the next fifteen years.

They fall under three umbrellas:

Ending extreme poverty.
Fighting inequality and injustice.
Fixing climate change.

The first obstacle is to promote the goals until everyone knows they exist, so it will be embarrassing for world leaders to fail to meet them. I am pro this, so I’m telling all of you. The world has goals! Comforting.

You can find more info GlobalGoals.org, and if you want to tell people too, #GlobalGoals is the tag. The organization and efforts already underway are inspiring. Go have a look.

3 thoughts on “United Nations Global Goals

  1. Oh yes, because the UN is our only hope. They have such a good track record, especially with world peace. Please take those glasses off.


  2. Sadly none of the previous goals have ever been met- but a standard we should all look towards! Even more sadly most people don’t seem to care about them.


  3. I wanted to recommend some books by female authors, but comments were closed there, so I’m thread-jacking here.

    I second the recommendations of Caitlin Moran and Shirley Jackson. I am currently reading “Life Among the Savages,” and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am constantly shocked by how very modern almost all of it sounds–edit just a few passages (e.g., dialing the telephone operator, a few of the subtle synamics between her and her husband), and she could be writing in 2015 instead of 1948.

    Louise Erdrich’s “The Plague of Doves” is lovely.

    Judy Bloom has a new book out. I haven’t read it myself yet, but it sounds promising.


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