Toys that are Good for Baby Brains, 0-6 Months

I’ve been doing research on toys that are good for Ozzy’s brain, so we have them around when he hits new stages. These are some pretty versions of classic toys that get baby synapses dancing, whether you’re looking for your kiddo or just want to win a baby shower.

1. Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads Wood Rattle, Teether, and Clutching Toy, $10 This is one of my favorite baby shower gifts. The balls move around in a mezmerizing way, and it’s so pretty. Also supportive of LGBT friends, which is always nice.

2. Melissa & Doug Color-Flap Mirror, $10 It’s good to have lots of mirrors. I also like this simple Wimmer-Ferguson crib mirror with black and white shapes on the reverse, and these Edushape geometric mirrors for the bath. The downside being mirrors in the bath.

3. Nuby Click Links, $5 These are more useful than I’d ever have thought. The baby plays with them and chews them, but you can also use them to hang toys from carseats, strollers, and cribs. Bam, insta play gym wherever you are.

4. Green Tones Polar Bear Shaker, $9 Good for chewing, shaking, and reminding your newborn that the Earth is a precious resource.

5. Plan Toys Play Gym, $66 Looks boring, I know, but Oslo finds it borderline overstimulating. He loses his mind kicking and cooing, and then konks out. He’s way into spare modernist design.

6. Infantino Textured Multi-Ball Set, $9 I was going to keep these in a glass bowl on the living room table, until I realized how overtly stupid that would be. I haven’t slept in a while.

7. FAO Schwarz Mini Plush Elephant, $12 FAO Schwarz makes the best small softies, which babies can grab and shake without smacking themselves in the face. I also love the unicorn.

Babies at this age apparently also benefit from hearing simple songs and nursery rhymes, and seeing photos of faces. I’ll do a few more of these toy roundups for different stages. If you’re interested, here are some great toy recommendation guidelines from the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Grow baby brains, grow!

4 thoughts on “Toys that are Good for Baby Brains, 0-6 Months

  1. Maggie, thank you! As a non-parent, I am always looking for baby/kid gift ideas from those in the know, especially from smart gals like you!


  2. Definitely get books with baby faces! Our baby has been totally gaga for those. Even at a year old, those are some of her favorite books. She loved the high contrast board books when she was younger (hello, animals and hello, bugs were favorites).

    Also, if you haven’t checked out indestructible books yet, definitely do so. When we first got them (around 5 months or so?), I thought they were weird. But once the baby gets mobile and wanting to read on its own, they are brilliant. No possibility of tearing, baby can chew on them, and they have good pictures.


  3. These are great, thank you for posting! My daughter is a few weeks younger than Ozzy – we picked up the IKEA wooden play gym, which is similar to what you posted, but weighing in at $25ish. Simple and stimulating with a small footprint!


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