Popin’ Cookin’! Japanese Molecular Candy

12th June 2015

Photo from Jeni Eats, she has a full review here.

Over drinks the other night, some friends were reminiscing about these Japanese candy powders that you mix to form different textures. I’d never heard of them, but apparently one powder makes sushi rice, another the seaweed, etcetera, so you can roll sushi candies.

You can buy Japanese Molecular Candies online to make tiny sushi, cakes, donuts, and most importantly pizzas. Tiny candy pizzas!

Have you tried these? I ordered some to play with.

2 thoughts on “Popin’ Cookin’! Japanese Molecular Candy

  1. BKC

    Winkfun posted a review of these a few weeks ago so I placed my order for the sushi kit (ostensibly for the kiddo, but who am I kidding, really?). Shipping from Japan it’s supposed to arrive mid-July! Whaaaaa…

    I have no illusions about it being delicious, but I hope it’s fun!

  2. Eri

    We went through a bunch of these at work a year or two ago. Amazingly fun to make, with deeply disturbing flavors and textures. We did the donut, ice cream cone and sushi sets. Highly recommended as a team/family bonding activity as goading one another into trying to eat them is as enjoyable as making the stuff in the first place. Plus you get delightful wee little mixing spoons and pipettes, the whole thing is great fun.

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