Kids and Vegetarianism

This video is pretty touching. Do any of you relate to this kid too? I remember finding meat so upsetting in childhood that I would have trouble finishing meals. His mom’s response feels so evolved compared to the response I got, which was more like, “Eat it.”

2 thoughts on “Kids and Vegetarianism

  1. What a sweet little boy! “So I did something beautiful then?”

    My son will only eat some meat, but it turns out it’s the most processed-bacon and locally made organic chicken sausage. I have a feeling it’s for the same reason but he can’t articulate it as well as this little boy does. Good job to that mom for raising such a thoughtful articulate little boy. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I ate a lot of PBJ’s growing up in south Louisiana. I don’t remember if I ever had to eat meat, but I do remember my mom accommodating me by letting me serve my own bowl of gumbo so I could avoid the actual seafood. I ate processed meat for quite some time before I fully realized I needed to not connect eating with the actual animal. My own 8 year old son I feel is on the same path. He hates pretty much any vegetable though, so I’m not allowed to suggest vegetarianism.
    Such a cute kid! I wonder if she really never served him meat again?


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