Russian Troll Farms

2nd June 2015

Have you read this piece in the New York Times about the Russian Troll Factory where hundreds of highly paid employees are paid to spread disinformation and leave pro-Kremlin comments in regular news outlets?

They’re believed to be behind a chemical explosion hoax in Louisiana that partially played out on Twitter:

Hundreds of Twitter accounts were documenting a disaster right down the road. “A powerful explosion heard from miles away happened at a chemical plant in Centerville, Louisiana #ColumbianChemicals,” a man named Jon Merritt tweeted. The #ColumbianChemicals hashtag was full of eyewitness accounts of the horror in Centerville. @AnnRussela shared an image of flames engulfing the plant. @Ksarah12 posted a video of surveillance footage from a local gas station, capturing the flash of the explosion. Others shared a video in which thick black smoke rose in the distance.

Terrifying, and pretty genius.

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  1. Erica

    Oh my! Such a good article. Thanks for sharing this. You can’t believe anything we read on the internet, can we?

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