7 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Jenna

    Be kind to yourself, it seems utterly reasonable that you can’t do much at all right now. Also, kiss that baby’s little fingers for me please….

  2. Leah

    My little one is 10 months old. I’ve found kindle books (or other ereaders) much easier to read because I have less to hold while breastfeeding/snuggling.

  3. Amy

    Looking for post-partum light reading, I picked up Twilight. I’m smart but I was so out of it in those first few years, er, sorry, weeks!, (no, years…), it might as well have been Ulysses. ;-)

  4. Teri

    Have you read Ongoingness by Sarah Manguso? It’s a perfect postpartum read. Short, but intense, all about diary keeping and how having a baby shifts things around. That and “The Folded Clock” by Heidi Julavits have been my favourite books since having a baby in January.

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