Fishy Cupcakes

17th February 2015

I made these for Hank’s birthday. I’m always on the hunt for cute cupcakes that require no ability to manipulate frosting.

I smooshed the Swedish Fish on with my fingers, and used tweezers to place the “bubble” sprinkles.

They’re a variation of this idea, which uses rainbow fishy crackers instead of Swedish fish.

Fishy crackers are not as delicious as gummy things. Love, Maggie.

5 thoughts on “Fishy Cupcakes

  1. Sarah

    They are beautiful. Question; I thought Goldfish crackers were cheese-flavoured? I´m european so I’ve never tasted them but read a lot about them.
    Also, when does the baby come out? I want to see the baby!

  2. Megan

    If the babe is actually born on 4/20, you need to know that despite sharing a birthday with a certain malevolent German dictator, they would also share a birthday with George Takei and Joey Lawrence, whose smiles outshine a thousand suns.

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