Happy Valentine’s Day! This is our heart window (Forgive the dust, we live up high and I’m not into riding my 90-year-old landlady on how often the outside windows are cleaned.) I cut the hearts out of semi-transparent Folia origami paper. Cheaper than vellum, saner than melting crayons between sheets of wax paper; recommended for all your glowy window project needs.

Fascinating Smithsonian Mag story of a family cut off from human contact for 40 years.

This vintage dress cracks me up.

This makes me all teary about kids.

A big board of amazing Sailor Valentines. I want to make one someday, but I don’t really want to own it afterward? Conundrums.

How the creators of Cards Against Humanity bought a private island, parceled it off to fans, and hid 250,000 one-of-a-kind sloth cards and a bottle of good scotch onshore.

My friend Sarah admired my scissors the other day, this is where I got them.

And speaking of Sarah, who is an interior decorator, she recently landed the most delightful gig on record.

This personalized baby rattle is such a cool idea.

This news about the Easter Island heads came out years ago, but I keep being surprised by how may of my friends don’t know. Cocktail party conversation fodder.

Some clean ($40), basic ($66) dresses ($93) on sale at ASOS.

Little bit of lux in the morning.

Solid Etsy fan art makes me happy.

Did you know you can buy balloons with LED lights in them? They light up when you pull a little tab out and blow them up.

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