I started learning to meditate this week, and the book suggested picturing yourself somewhere where you feel calmest. I like to think of this image by Wayne Levin.

Jo Goddard has a great guide to outsourcing your life if you live in a city. I use a handful of these services pretty regularly.

I bought one of these as a new go-to dress for airplane travel.

Did not buy this, but if I saw someone wearing it I’d assume they were my people.

This would be cute for Valentine’s Day in pink, and it’s on sale too.

Simple genius idea for freezing bacon portions.

Whoa! Did you know this happened in 1961? I had no idea. More from this article in The Week.

These are charming.

I’m looking at baby stuff and love this clever wooden magnetized toy.

Necklaces that pay homage to your true loves.

Grapefruit is my favorite booze flavor, and I just read about this grapefruit liquor, have you tried it?

On perfectionism: Artist Pierre Bonnard once convinced his friend Edouard Vuillard to distract a museum guard while he touched up one of his paintings hanging there. Been there, Pierre.

5 thoughts on “Links

  1. If you love grapefruit liquor, I wonder if you could adapt a limoncello recipe with grapefruit rind instead of lemon? ‘Tis the season for it. Or go big and try the same method to make pummelo liquor (pun intended).


  2. Hello Maggie! Meditation saved me while birthing my ten + pound baby! I’m sure that you’re getting loads of “friendly” advice about birthing and so on. It’s rare that I feel absolutely compelled to add my two cents. But here I go. First off, I wish you all the best on your meditation journey. Seriously. Meditation is life-changing. When I was prepping for my second birth I stumbled upon the recordings made by Penny Albertella. Don’t ask me how I found her?! Let’s just say that she was sent by angels. If you’re interested in adding an audio bit to your mediation practice (especially as birth prep) I can’t recommend Penny enough. Here’s her email:
    You are one of the reasons why I started blogging more than 7 years ago. Your journey has always inspired me.
    All the best with Baby!


  3. If you like those magnetized animals, check out Tegu blocks. They’re wooden blocks with magnets in the end and they’re really cool. The business model is also really neat and worth checking out. (It’s a business that aims to better the lives of it’s workers in Honduras by helping provide education and other things.)


  4. I can also vouch for Tegu blocks!! They are amazing, I bought them for my niece at age one and she continues to play with them 6 months later (small miracle). I got a deal on them off Gilt (I swear, nobody is paying me to promote either).

    Wishing you the best in your pregnancy!


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