Pregnancy Portrait by Michelle Morrison

30th January 2015

My friend Michelle Morrison is an artist who specializes in what she calls “Nudie Judies.” I adore them. When she posted the one above, I joked that I wanted her to add a belly so I could say it was me pregnant.

Instead, she drew a pregnancy portrait just for me. I’m an official Nudie Judy!

I’m excited, and also so touched. Thank you, Michelle.

You’ll find more of Michelle’s work for purchase at her portfolio site I’m not sure if she takes commissions, but if you’d like to be a Judy too, it couldn’t hurt to ask.

1 thought on “Pregnancy Portrait by Michelle Morrison

  1. Jennifer

    I always wanted to pose as a pregnant nude for the drawing class at my (conservative engineering) college, but lost my nerve. This playful, beautiful little line is perfection.

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