17 One-Click Stocking Stuffers for Kids

10th November 2014

I mostly shop for stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts online, and I try to avoid shipping fees. We’re Amazon Prime subscribers, so all the ideas below are Prime eligible. Also, Target is offering free shipping on everything through the holidays, so you might want to poke around over there as well.

If you’re an auntie or uncle and unsure of what little gifts will please a 6-8 year old, you can send one of these every few months with the click of a button, and bam! You win all the affection and thoughtfulness awards.

1. Piperoid paper craft robot kit — This is a good gift for grownup kids as well.

2. Hand buzzers — Can be repurposed for next year’s jellyfish Halloween costume.

3. 52 Nature Activities — Let’s all put down the iPads for a sec.

4. Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids — Hank loves these, and it’s a whole series that includes knock-knock jokes, animal jokes, and so on.

5. Rubberband Powered Glider — Classic. It should break the first day or you aren’t doing it right.

6. Tin Can Robot — A little kit that lets your kid turn a regular tin can into a mobile robot.

7. Finger Monster Temporary Tattoos — Also stellar for grownups. The good ones, anyway.

8. Assorted Pack of Foam Gliders — There are 72 gliders in this $7 pack, so be aware.

9. LED Light Up Balloons — I may actually bust these out on Christmas Eve as a morning surprise. How magic to find glowing balloons all over the living room floor when the kiddos sneak out before sunrise.

10. Animal Crayons — Fresh crayons are a no-fail.

11. Color My Bath Color Changing Bath Tablets — Hank loves these. They’re tiny bath fizzes that change the color of the bathwater.

12. Rainbow Monkey Bandages — Solid non-branded bandages.

13. Glow Sticks — This is two big packages of glow sticks, so you might just want to pick one up somewhere. I like to keep them around to make the bath water glow. Yes, I’m sure it’s killing us all slowly. Shhh, Internet. Shhhh.

14. Oogi, a figure toy with suction cup head, hands and feet, and long stretchy arms.

15. Silly String — This is three cans, because the tyranny of the single can of silly string will not stand.

16. Wind-Up Retro Robot — It’s a challenge not to make every gift guide an all-robot gift guide.

17. Bloonies — If you don’t know Bloonies, do get some. They’re a liquid plastic that you push onto the end of a small straw, then blow up to make tiny fragile balloons. They are wondrous.

Happy holidays, nice people.

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