52 thoughts on “Nice News

  1. I don’t know you but I’ve been reading your words long enough to be quite comfortable saying congratulations, best wishes and may you have so much joy and the perfect dash of magic in your future. You, Maggie, are as lovely as they come.


  2. Congratulations Maggie! That is such lovely news. I think most people here have spent years hearing about your adventures, your holidays (and all the packing gems) and seen the lows and I admire how you worked at rebuilding your family; and I am just thrilled for you.


  3. Thrilled for you! This gives me hope as i battle a divorce that there IS hope for more love. Would love to hear your thoughts on this….


  4. Makes me super happy to see someone who spends her life creating, generating and forging joy into the universe find some small bit for herself. So good!


  5. Must be nice to get married twice. Seriously. To have that many people love you in one life? You’re very lucky and very blessed.


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