Ferguson Updates

Thousands crowd Times Square in protest of Michael Brown's killing.

If you need to catch up:

Feguson outline from USA Today that touches on all the major events.

If you’d like ongoing, current information with a high signal-to-noise ratio:

Twitter list of Pro and am journalists on the ground in Ferguson will tell you what’s happening right now.
Reddit’s Ferguson live feed is often updated
Brittany Noble’s Instagram feed, she’s a local reporter
• Xeni Jardin of boing boing is tweeting and gathering articles

Michael Brown Killing NMOS14 DC.

If you’d like to help:

• Use social media platforms to share information using the hashtags #ferguson or #justiceformikebrown.
Furious About Ferguson? Here’s How You Can Help from Ebony Magazine
Here’s How You Can Help the Kids in Ferguson Who Don’t Have Food Now that School is Closed on the Huffington Post
Here are Ways to Help the People in Ferguson Right Now on Buzzfeed

Photo Source

“There is nothing based on the facts that have been placed before us that can justify the execution style murder of their child by this police officer as he held his hands up, which is the universal sign of surrender.” Statement from Michael Brown’s family and their attourney

A neighbor witnessed the shooting and live-tweeted it. (Distant photos of Michael Brown’s body and the officer standing over him are visible in this thread.)

“The Huffington Post’s Ryan J. Reilly tweeted Ferguson cops still weren’t wearing name tags on Friday and still refused to answer questions about their identification.” – Ron Johnson Addresses Ferguson Police Officers’ Failure To Identify Themselves

“The chief in the St. Louis suburb where an unarmed black teenager was fatally shot by police says the officer didn’t know the teen was a robbery suspect at the time of the shooting.” –Associated Press

“The officer who shot Ferguson teen Michael Brown stopped Brown and another teen because they were walking in the street, not because of a robbery a few minutes earlier, Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said Friday afternoon.
Jackson said the officer was aware cigars had been taken in the robbery of a store nearby, but did not know when he encountered Brown and Dorian Johnson that they might be suspects. He stopped them because they were walking in the street, Jackson said.
But Jackson told the Post-Dispatch that the officer, Darren Wilson, saw cigars in Brown’s hand and realized he might be the robber.” – St. Louis Post Dispatch

Michael Brown’s friend/acquaintance gives an emotional account of what happened with both the robbery and the shooting.

10 thoughts on “Ferguson Updates

  1. This incident has really troubled me, not just because of the incident but because of what has occurred in the aftermath. The race baiting, the rioting & looting, the heavy-handed & totalitarian response by police… It’s all really disturbing, and something that everyone (black, white, conservative & liberal) should be concerned about.


  2. Why is this more important than these?
    – Thomas Kelly, CA, July 11, 2011, beaten to death by cops – kept pleading for his daddy…
    – Bounkham ‘Bou Bou’ Phonesavanh, GA, 19 months old, June 2014, severely injured when swat team threw a stun grenade in his crib
    – Jose Guerena, Pima County, AZ, May 2011, killed by sixty bullets fired off by swat team within 7 seconds. He was in his own home. No drugs, etc were found


    – Jerad and Amanda Miller, killed two cops point blank while they were eating lunch, proceeded to kill 3 more before being taken out by the police
    – Officer Scott Patrick, MN, July 30, 2014 shot dead during a routine traffic stop

    You can google, bing, etc for more injustices in this world…..


  3. Patti, I don’t think anyone is saying that Michael Brown’s life or death are more important than anyone else’s. What they’re saying is that it was wrong, and that the police response to it has been outsized and harmful. This doesn’t take away from others’ deaths, or negate them.


  4. My point was why is this situation more important than others like it. I’ve been reading this blog for years and this is the first time I’ve seen this type of issue posted on Maggie’s blog. And that’s fine that she took time to bring it to her reader’s attention. But if you check out some of the examples I pointed out you will find that the media doesn’t make such an issue out of it as they are with this one. Did you know that the GA county will not pay for poor Bou Bou’s medical expenses? Why is that not getting more media attention? Sorry, tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. Have a good evening.


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  6. Of course it isn’t the only unjust, violent death in the world, or the worst, or even the most recent. But it still hurts. That poor child’s death was so brutal and unnecessary. A teenage boy was killed by a man whose job was to protect him.

    As you noted, police officers get killed, on and off duty. And when that happens, it’s a tragedy. These are the people who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. Which makes it all the more horrifying when they shoot unarmed teenage boys, or point their guns at protesters, or thow flash grenades into cribs while serving warrants on people who aren’t even home.

    This story attracted attention because of the kinds of stories you listed above. Sure, Michael Brown’s death is what’s triggered the latest protests, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum. This outrage is the result of an accumulation of injustices, none of which diminish the tragedy of this one death.


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