True or Falsie

9th April 2014

OK, here’s the stuff I bought at the last Alameda Flea Market:

Festive Hat! Festive Hat is my new favorite. My Aussie friend Clarko says the poms are to keep flies off your face. I like them because they make me want to bob my head around to watch them dance. And so I will be adding pom poms to everything I own. And a rick-rack chin strap. Why else do I own a glue gun?

Technically, I bought this cashmere sweater at the last Flea, the one that rained out, but let’s talk about it. You can get cashmere so cheap at the Flea (like $10-$30 per sweater), it almost doesn’t make sense. You never see it at garage sales and thrift stores. Where is the secret baby-soft sweater pipeline? Let’s find out so we can stand naked at the spigot.

I also bought a vintage fencing mask for $25, because I needed it. I’ve been looking for one since I found a vintage fencing uniform a year ago. Now I can be an old-timey fencer for Halloween, because it’s what I want. Until then, it will look pretty cool on a shelf.

I also bought a bunch of pink stuff. This homemade dress fits like it was made for me, and I think it looks like a drum majorette uniform. So now I’m looking for a drum majorette hat. You sense a pattern.

How beautiful is this silk kimono robe? She wanted $60, so I hesitated hard until my girlfriends were like, “You are dumb. If you do not buy it, one of us will buy it to punish you for your dumbitude.” So I asked if she would take $50, and bam. Kimono owner. The sleeves are very good for pretending you are an airplane. I hear.

Silk Barbie tap pants. Three bucks!

Whhhhhaaaaaaat?! Are these handmade falsies we are looking at right now? Did someone sew boobies out of lace and add little ribbon nipples? Yes, I believe so. Found while pawing through the box of $3 silk underthings. After some hard thinking about what in the world I could use them for (bachelorette gift wrapping? wall display? party hats?), I just asked the seller to please take them out and display them. Because it’s not everyday, my friends. No it is not.

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7 thoughts on “True or Falsie

  1. ozma

    Alameda flea market! I used to go to that years and years ago. These are amazing finds. I am truly impressed. And also heartbroken because I never have found a flea market even half as great since I left Oakland.

  2. Sally

    My mother in law once made some fake boobies and sewed them on the outside of a flesh colored leotard. Bam Topless waitress. She actually wore it too her job on Halloween. She worked at Wells Fargo Bank and they did not make her go home and change.teehee

  3. Cat

    The sweater pipeline dumps out over the greater Seattle area. All thrift stores are crammed with them; vintage, newish, cheap, expensive, what have you…….I once found FOUR in one day at the goodwill outlet downtown, and though two were moth eaten, one was a very decent j crew cardigan , and the other was a Lucien Pellat-Finet number in perfect condition. This is a place where the clothes are TWO DOLLARS A POUND. Also, I have a deep and abiding love of Anthropologie sweaters, which I refuse to purchase new for reasons that have (almost) nothing to do with price, which I won’t go into here. We are practically drowning In thrift store Anthro. Because apparently sweaters are the cause of and solution to all of our fashion problems in the northwest. Email me if you find yourself in my neck of the woods and I will give you the names of every mind blowing thrift store within a 30 mile radius.

  4. Maggie Mason

    Cat, I’m so into that. But, I have a friend of a friend who found a body in one of those $2 a pound cart thrift stores. So.

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