Right Now

This is my little boy napping in our hotel room closet, and man I wish I were him right now.

It’s been a surreal few months — with Blogalicious, planning and throwing Camp Mighty, tons of business transition for Go Mighty, and an epic trip to Australia — the kind of period where you know life is about to hit full force, so you just keep your head above water while the current takes you.

Now Hank and I are here at Disneyland where he’s napping in the closet in preparation for his future at Hogwarts, and for a 10 p.m. wakeup call to see the Disney World of Color show. (So much for the steady bedtime I’m supposed to be enforcing like a drill sergeant, huh? But he’s only six once, and two weeks away from him in Australia has made me soft.)

I know I’ve been a little quiet on the surface lately, but my feet have been paddling like mad under the water, and so much good stuff is happening as a result. So thanks for checking back in with me and for being patient when you sometimes don’t find me where you expect.

When I get home, I plan to stay very still with a pot of tea, and a notebook, and a Pilot Precise V5 Rollerball. I will embroider things in bed under a coverlet. I will watch questionable reality TV my bathrobe, while I shop for things I won’t buy on the Internet.

You should come over. I miss you.

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