18 thoughts on “I Had No Idea

  1. Jennifer

    I’ve tried it – it’s actually kind of hard to hold the bowls together unless they have a really sturdy lip – mine I couldn’t hold it tight enough to not have the garlic cloves go flying everywhere. And you really do need to ‘shake the dickens’ out of it.

  2. Mfree

    ahh yes. i remember this was on NPR a few thanksgivings ago. i went home and promptly tried it. it is truly amazing.

  3. Catherine

    The cake pans Jenny mentioned is a great idea!As I also was thinking you now have to wash two bowls – hee hee.

  4. Peeps

    You can also toss them in the food processor with the pastry blade on. Sometimes, the peels are even nice and stick up on the sides leaving the cloves below!

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