Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

How’s your summer coming? Pretty good, by the looks of it:

  • Liz Stiverson has a morbid plan, inspired by one of my morbid plans. (Speaking of which, I’m visiting the Catacombs this morning. Creepy girls, unite.)
  • Here’s to Nathalie Robertson, who is celebrating the grand opening of RedFish BlueFish in Toronto! Go Mighty is lousy with entrepreneurs, so we feel an extra tug of happiness when someone makes a big push toward their business goals. Success, profit, and satisfaction for you Nathalie.


All those Go Summer folks are entered for a chance to win a ticket to Camp Mighty. If you haven’t made your own Summer Resolutions yet, consider it. Because they are fun. And because Camp Mighty has a poolside lounge chair with your name on it.

July, you’re really coming along.

Photo from Bonnie Chan’s Gorgeous post about visiting the Sierras.

4 thoughts on “Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

  1. My main summer goal is to participate in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

    Any takers should visit and are more than welcome to join my friends and I on Team GooniesNeverSayDie!

    My other goal is to get my bum to our local drive-theater more than once this year.


  2. I loved my time down in the Parisian catacombs. So quiet and peaceful. Take your time going down the stairs (dizzy!) and take your time going up. There’s a good reason why the number of stairs are posted at the bottom – counting them as you go up fends off the claustrophobia 🙂 And don’t forget to look up while you’re down there – the black streak along the ceiling is from the smoke of hundreds upon hundreds of candles. One day I will go again!


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