Life List: Help someone through college.

Thanks to Rivet & Sway for sponsoring this post, supplying the resources to do something nice, and being so cool to work with.

What I Did

I mentioned last week that I got my first pair of glasses when I was in college. What I didn’t mention is that my childhood before that point was kind of rough. A bad situation became untenable a few months before I was set to leave for school, and nearby relatives took me in so I could attend high school graduation with my class. Still, I had to reassess my plans.

No one in my immediate family had graduated from college, and most of my extended family hadn’t either. Though I always knew I would get a degree, now I had no idea how I would pay for it. I delayed my college acceptance, switched to a less expensive school, and applied for jobs, grants, loans, and credit cards. The combination got me through, along with help from an incredibly generous family friend who let me stay with her for a couple of years. Still, there were plenty of tears and sleepless nights over money.

What I’m Doing

When I think of that time, I worry for kids trying to pull themselves up. Education is the most straightforward way to improve your situation, and it scares me how daunting tuition can be for a kid with no money.

As part of their “Find Your Joy” campaign on Go Mighty, Rivet & Sway offered to fund an item on my Life List. I thought helping someone through college would be cool in partnership with an eyewear company. We support intellect! We are pro-nerdiness! We encourage our offspring to seek mates who exhibit global curiosity! And so forth.

So we decided to donate $1,000 to ScholarMatch, which is like a Kickstarter for college tuition. They use a crowdfunding model to pair you with a student who matches your criteria for support.

I’m hoping that together we can add another $1,200 to the Rivet & Sway advertising dollars, because ScholarMatch says it costs $1,100 to put a kid through one year of a two-year college. ScholarMatch also has a $50,000 tuition gap they need to fund before August so all of their students can afford to attend school in the Fall. They’ve raised about $38,000 so far.

What You Can Do

If you’d like to help, will you please:

1. Donate to ScholarMatch.

Choose the criteria for the student you’d like to support, and use PayPal or a credit card to make a donation here. Please leave a comment telling us how much you donated, so we know when to celebrate. Honor system, so you can be anonymous if you prefer.

2. Donate your time, or lend your megaphone.

If you make something or sell your services, and are willing to donate over 10 percent of your proceeds over the next three weeks, please leave a comment with a link to your site and the percentage you’re willing to donate. I’ll do a roundup of vendors early next week.

If you have a blog or are active on Facebook or Twitter and can help rally friends to chip in, that would be awesome.

3. Support Rivet & Sway’s decision to spend ad dollars this way.

If you’d like to see more of this type of campaign, let Rivet & Sway know. You can do that by entering the giveaway, for yourself or a geeky pal. You can also just visit the site and have a look around, to say, “Hey, thanks for not blowing that $1,000 on brochures.”

Thanks, guys. I’m excited to kickstart summer by checking this one off together.

12 thoughts on “Life List: Help someone through college.

  1. YES! I just got a new pair of glasses from them (for free through Victoria Smith’s giveaway), so I probably got a few extra bucks I could throw toward, you know, THE FUTURE OF SOCIETY.


  2. I would be happy to support Scholar Match and Rivet & Sway through my shop! I own The Little Donkey, an online boutique selling modern, handmade baby gear. 10% of all proceeds for the next three weeks: done!

    What a great cause. Thanks for the chance to help.


  3. I will support through my shop too! I can pass along 25% of the profits from the next 2 weeks of sales. Customers just need to let me know in the notes they would like to support Scholar match.

    I sell illustrated vintage clothing, current collections are women’s and children’s wear:

    I learned to draw in college & would love to help others do the same 🙂
    Great idea M!


  4. I second Amber’s $20 with my own. I love this goal. I’ve long admired it from your list. I love even more that your crowdsourcing it. So, so awesome. Thanks for inviting us to be part of helping kids go to college. YES!


  5. Maggie, thanks so much for sharing this! This has seriously been a goal of mine for a while but was stuck on how to connect my donation with students- yay for Scholarmatch! I just donated $100.


  6. I just donated $100. This is important. Currently writine a brief on college financial aid and thinking I will donate another $25 per day until I get it done.


  7. Maggie – i love this! I had no idea an organization like Scholar Match existed.

    I’ll donate 20% of my etsy shop sales for the month of June. Since I’m new to etsy and don’t have a lot if inventory, I’ll match that 20% dollar for dollar and throw in $20 on top of whatever that comes out to be.

    My next set of glasses will be from Rivet and Sway 🙂


  8. Love the site and what you publish…one of my goals is to get brave enough to attend Mighty Camp in Palm Springs and bask in awesomoneess by association. Until then, basking in awesomeness via ScholarMatch. Thank you promoting this!
    $250 donation.


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