Nerds! Free glasses. Free money.

5th June 2013

Thanks to Rivet & Sway for sponsoring this post, and allowing me to provide fodder for girls-in-glasses fetishists the world over.

I got my first pair of glasses in college. They were tiny, wire-rimmed specs that made me feel like a genius, and look like an awkwardly feminine James Joyce.

I’ve been through dozens of pairs since then, but a few years ago, I realized I’d been wearing the same glasses for about seven years. I got so many compliments when I first purchased them; it poisoned my brain.

Then one day it clicked. Glasses are an accessory, and are subject to trends. My once-chic glasses had essentially become a pair of Capri pants for my face. “Do you have some gladiator sandals I could balance on my nose? Thanks.”

So I decided to change out my glasses more frequently, which brings us to Rivet & Sway. They’re like Zappos for sexy librarians. You choose three frames you want to try, and they ship them to you free so you can try them on, take a bunch of selfies, and ask your friends if they make you look stupid. Like so:


I love these. Are they too “seventh-grade art teacher who used to over-explain about how it’s not a big deal to eat paste”?

I think they’re like when you ask your favorite barista with the sleeve tats where you can get a pair of her glasses, and she says, “Oh. My aunt was a rocket scientist. I got these out of her old jewelry box when I was visiting her in New Mexico.” And then you shake your fist at the sky.


Whoa, so cute — cat eye update. I think these might be cuter in Black and White. Still, these glasses say “I know you can do better if you just apply yourself.”

Or maybe I’m dubious about your excuse for missing the midterm.


“Hi. I’m looking for an Awkward Architect boyfriend. In the meantime, I’ll be writing about my feelings in a Moleskine.”

Too demure?

What if I make duckface for sexiness? Yeah. Nailed it.

OK, share with me your thoughts. Is one of these the one, or should I try on more? Let me know in comments, and while you’re at it…

If you’d like to enter to win your own pair of Rivet & Sway glasses, and you happen to be a U.S. resident, please do this:

1. Choose which pair of glasses you want.
2. Leave a comment here with the name and color of glasses you covet.
3. If you can’t decide — because you are not some sort of eyewear wizard and you want to see them on your face (or you just want more chances to win) — you may leave up to three comments without being considered a cheater.
4. Check back here Wednesday, when I will announce the randomly selected winner. And then champagne.

As part of their Find Your Joy Campaign, Rivet & Sway is also gifting a $500 goal grant to one Go Mighty member. So be sure to check that out too.

On Monday we’ll talk about the next thing I’m crossing off my Life List with Rivet & Sway’s help. I hope it’s something you’ve thought about doing too, and we can roll up our sleeves together.

Now choose your glasses smart people, that you may easily locate other smart people and mate with them. See you Monday.

293 thoughts on “Nerds! Free glasses. Free money.

  1. Terri in SF

    I don’t wear glasses and so don’t need these – but – I think you look cutest in #1 and #3 and should avoid #2 at all costs.

  2. Kim

    I love the Faster Pussycat glasses in black! And love your personality assessment for the frames. Spot on!

  3. Jessica

    I am terrible at picking frames out by myself, so this would be much easier than dragging friends to the office. if I had to pick based on the site alone, I would choose Pinstripe!

  4. Jen

    My husband keeps bugging me to get new glasses, but I can’t be bothered to go to the shop. I’ll see if I can talk him into this service. In the meantime, I’m seriously drawn to the core strength pair – pretty much right up my style. I’d want to try them in tortoise because I always get black glasses and I really need to change it up. I’m in a glasses rut!!! (come on, lucky 7!)

  5. Cassie

    I think Punchline looks great on you. I would like them, too, but R&S doesn’t list them as good for a rectangle-head like me.

    I think I’d go with Petite Allegro in Spicy Tortoise.

  6. Cassie

    Meet Cute in Savannah is good, too.

    I wonder if Punchline could work on me, though. It looks so good on you!

  7. Heidi

    Now I can’t decide… DAMN! Mantra in tiger eye, or Jene Sais Quoi in Amber glow.

  8. Steph

    I love the poetic license, tortoise. Looks awesome on you! I hope it looks good on me too when I win this awesome contest!!!!!

  9. Fae

    I’m about to get new glasses, and I’m all over the Neopolitan Punchline, which sounds like the next big pseudo-indie band.

  10. Cheryl

    I think you look lovely in all of them, but Punchline is the sassiest. Me? I don’t want new glasses, but I need them – Faster Pussycat in Tiger Eye – if you please.

  11. Corin

    I think the Poetic Licence frames look fantastic on you (and your sexy duckface is spot. on.)

    I really like Punchline in Jet Black because not only am I hipster, but I am also totally boring.

  12. Laura

    I too, do not need glasses, but could you please, for the love of curls, talk to us about where you obtained your AMAZING new haircut? It is seriously the cutest, sassiest, most face-flattering thing I have ever seen! And as a curly-lady who is in desperate need of layering and has been agonizing over salon reviews, please help a sister out. :) You look mahvelous, dahling!

  13. Christine

    But Sweet Spot in Seafoam is the most beautiful color….. I’d like to try them with my hair!

  14. Katrina

    Having multiple pairs of glasses to pick among is one of my greatest accessorizing pleasures. I really love the Hungry Heart in Tortoise.

  15. Katrina

    …but then again, the Punchline in Neopolitan is amazing. Half pink? All awesome.

  16. Portia

    So hard, they are all so cute. I’m thinking Faster Pussycat in Crocodile, Punchline in Moss Landing, or Je Ne Sais Quoi in Water Lily.

  17. Tatiana

    I am typically drawn towards cat eyes — I myself am looking at Spitfire in Galapagos green — but I like #1 best on you. I am also in a glasses rut – same pair for 8+ years – and am thinking I’ll get two pairs, one for crazy fun and one for every day.

  18. Nan

    I hope you are picking Look #1, Punchline in Neapolitan, because they look completely great on you. I think I would also like them for me but maybe in the Mossy version just so I’m not a copycat or anything.

  19. Kerry

    Punchline is cool, but wouldn’t work on me. I’d go for Meet Cute in Royal Tortoise.

  20. Rachel

    I like the first ones on you! I love the two-tone, but am not sure if I can pull that off. So I want you to!

  21. Rachel

    Oh, I’m going to take advantage of this glasses-commenting deal and get a twofer:

    My favorite memory about glasses (is that weird? I’ve worn them since I was eight…) is when I was changing my nephew’s diaper, and he was looking up at me and all the sudden he said, “Green.” (My glasses are black, but *inside* of them are green). He was like 18 months old or something. Genius, observant child.

    And my favorite ones from Rivet & Sway? I like the Kairos in Roasted Chestnut.

  22. Rachel

    Aand, to go a little crazy, I also like All Who Wander in blue. I’ve not ever gotten glasses with much color, so these would be fun!

  23. Kim

    Spitfire! But I can’t pick a color…that red is kind of awesome.
    But I’d have to see them on my face because sometimes I think glasses will look awesome and then I put them on and yech.

  24. Kim

    The All Who Wander in Water Lily is pretty too. Not for every single day glasses, particularly not in every single day for seven years glasses. But they’re nice to mix things up on occasion.

  25. Ari

    Poetic License! But then, I like demure. And Moleskine notebooks. And awkward architects.

    I’m hopelessly biased.

  26. Ari

    Er, comment fail.

    Poetic License for your face: perfect. For mine? Hrm…

    Ruby Red, has to be. That Dragonfire color kills me.

  27. MFree

    All the glasses are great but seriously your hairs looks amazing! How do you manage your curls?!?! Tell us!

  28. Libby

    I like your first pair best!

    This is awesome. I’ve realized my current glasses make me look like I’m out of The Matrix. Not ideal. My choice would be Je Ne Sais Quoi in Amber Glow!

  29. Andrea

    I love Poetic License on you! I’ve always wanted the round shape to work for me, too – maybe these would be the winners (in tortoise for me also)?

  30. Lisa

    I have been lusting over Faster Pussycat! So cute! (But I love Poetic License on you.)

  31. Berit

    Punchline in moss landing. Yes. I think the Neapolitan look sweet on you, but I can’t decide if that’s just because your hair looks so very lovely in those first two photos.

  32. Berit

    OK wait, maybe Faster Pussycat in Crocodile. I still like you in the Punchlines, however.

  33. Vicky Jean-Louis

    Oh! They are amazing!
    I would go for the Six shooter in the color St.Tropez or the Tusk in Black & White!
    And you look stunning by the way!

  34. Eun

    Wow! So many nerds and so many glasses! I’m glad to contribute. As a 25 year old who’s figuring things out, I’m a fan of the name, and frame, of All Who Wander (in black).

  35. Eun

    and Pin-stripe (although I am glad to have put my pin-stripe-wearing-days behind me for the moment).

    Thanks for the blog! I’ve been a long time reader and now a first-time commenter. Your words make me have nice thinks and feels :)

  36. Megan

    I love #1 on you. The color makes your eyes pop.

    As for me, a glasses nerd I have been for a loooong time. This is exciting! I want to try Poetic License for my face

  37. krissy

    hrmmmmmmmmmmm, I think I love the punchline in neapolitan, spitfire in galapagos green, or the poetic license in cherry bomb. They are way too cute to be able to pick just one.

  38. Heather W

    I like the second pair best on you, but the first is a close runner-up. I’d pick Sweet Spot in Copper Penny, but maybe also Little Voice in Roasted Chestnut. I love their names!

  39. ariella

    Also like Poetic License in the tortoise (which are also the ones I like best on you, which may also be the reason I want them, which may be a bad idea because our heads are different shapes)

  40. ariella

    Or Punchline in Moss Landing. I didn’t know glasses came in moss colors and now that I know I must have them.

  41. Michelle

    I LOVE the Punch line in Neapolitan! My current frames are black cat eye–I look I go back to every few years. I am ready to mix it up!

    You should absolutely get them!

  42. Ellen

    I’m really digging the Six Shooter in Copper Penny from my first set of try-at-home package.

  43. Ellen

    In my next try-at-home package, I can’t wait to try Hungry Heart in Classic Tortoise.

  44. Ellen

    I think maybe I might like the Character Study as well in Copper Penny. Can’t wait to try them on at home!

  45. tara garvey

    For you? Punchline for sure.
    For me? Blind-as-a-bat me? Punchline in Moss Landing.

  46. Ashley

    Definitely Punchline! OMG. I have worn glasses since 8th grade (not the same ones obviously!) and love them so! My contacts get used about 5 times a year total. I even named my blog after my love of glasses!

  47. Kat

    First ones, for sure. The pink is in the exact right spot to make your cheeks look rosy at all times, which is basically amazing.

    However, if you decide that the two-color things are too much, then go with #3.

  48. laci

    petit allegro for me in roasted chestunt.

    also, yay! so glad to find another online glasses place with a try-on program.

  49. Jessica

    What fun glasses! A new pair really is like trying on a new personality. I like character study, in licorice…something different than I’ve ever had before.

  50. Tasha

    You know what else I’d like to try? Besame Mucho in red! I’ve never had red glasses before.

  51. Tasha

    Then again, Umami is pretty cool too. I like all the ones with thick sides, it seems. Can’t wait to see which ones you pick for yourself!

  52. Jennifer

    You should get those Punchline frames in every color they make – so cute on you. I would get them too and we could be twins (you being the cool and stylish nerd, and me being the nerd-nerd).

  53. Jennifer

    I’d also try the Hungry Heart in Cherry Bomb even though I don’t own anything red.

  54. Laura S

    Gravitating toward all who wander in water lily… I’ve wanted blue frames for awhile now! Also, my current glasses are a bit broken, so new ones would be very nice (student loan-poor person over here).

  55. Alyssa

    My face pretty much needs the Six Shooter in Licorice glasses. Both for the look and name.

  56. Lindsey

    I love TUSK, GALAPAGOS GREEN, but that might be because I like how they look on you…

  57. Lindsey

    … but who wouldn’t want glasses called “Spitfire” in the color “Cherry Bomb”????

  58. Lindsey

    my third choice would be petit allegro in roasted chestnut.

    then I would take a bunch of selfies and let my sister tell me which ones to go with.

  59. Bonnie Char

    I covet the Spitfire in Black Crystal because they look like they might impart magical cat-woman superpowers.

  60. Elis

    Also Je Ne Sais Quoi in Amber Glow — been looking forever for the right pair of tortoise shell glasses…

  61. Elis

    …and the Six Shooter in St. Tropez, because turquoise!

    For you, I really like the Punchline. Understated sass, or as close as you can get.

  62. Michelle

    First, I think you look best in option 2. The others look too large — your eye doesn’t seem to be centered in the lens.

    Second, count me in for Umami in Golden Tortoise.

  63. Miss B

    Ooooh, I would totally like the Neapolitan ones. I’ve been looking for something two-toned.

  64. megan

    I like character study in black! I’ve always wanted to try those halfie frames but never had the courage and just stuck with what “worked.”

  65. elainepill

    i love the punchline with the pink…but six shooter in blue is pretty dang awesome too!

  66. Maggie

    Punchline in Neoplitan! I’m moving to Amsterdam to work on a project and have been COVETING those glasses. “Hi, I’m Maggie. I work at a socially responsible business incubator. Want to get a coffee? Sure, let me grab my bike.”

  67. Lauren

    I LOVE you in the first pair, and the third pair is cute too.

    I’m smitten with the core strength in confetti, for me. funky fun tortie? yes please!

  68. Keili

    I like the Core Strength in tortoiseshell. I think that would make me look like a sexy librarian/a nerdy coed who wants to get down (wink, wink). I liked you in the first pair if you have to be sincere, but I prefer the third pair as they are more fun.

  69. Lindsay

    Hmm. first off, second pair is the winner for you! And hooray for 4-eyes being made even cooler.

    My first pick would be… Je Ne Sais Quoi!

  70. Sarah R

    I like the Je Ne Sais Quoi in Water Lily (can I wear blue glasses with blue eyes?)
    I also really like the Petit Allegro in Spicy Tortoise.

    I love the idea behind Rivet and Sway because it takes me forever to find glasses (I have a narrow face and most glasses look HUGE on me)!

  71. kate wetsell

    I am loving the chacter study style for me. I have to admit though the punchline in neapolitan is pretty damn cute!
    PS: Sarah R. Blue glasses are perfect to hightlight your blue eyes! Thats what I am wearing now.

  72. Kara

    It has been several years since I got new glasses, and I think that I need to upgrade my prescription along with the frames…


    I like the Derring-Do in Vino Rosso.

  73. KitS

    I love getting new glasses! It’s like an instant makeover.
    I like Hungry Heart best.

  74. Nicole

    The Punchline in Moss Landing looks interesting – different, but not so out there they couldn’t be worn to the office.

  75. Sara Beth

    No, really love the core strength in mink. Oh, and thank you for this giveaway and letting us enter 3 times and bringing the sexy back to thick frames.

  76. Rina

    I realized I haven’t updated my eyeglasses in four years, and I’m also overdue for a style update. I’m coveting the Je Ne Sais Quoi in Water Lily.

  77. Allie

    I love the Punchline on you. I think I’d try the Je Ne Sais Quoi in Amber Glow, myself.

  78. Allie

    I also like the All Who Wander in Black Crystal. I shall never buy from the ophthalmologist again…

  79. Camila

    I forgot to mention in my last comment but I also like the third pair, Poetic License, best on you.

  80. Laurie

    Rizzo in Crushed Velvet is what I find succulent. Now you radiate in the Tusk in Galapagos Green. Just go for it. :-D

  81. Elaine

    Oh, I’ve been coveting those Punchline Neapolitans for… well, only months now, if I’m to be honest. Still. They’re so stellar.

  82. Candace

    I’ve been dying to try Rivet & Sway! What a a great excuse to spend some time on their site. I shall enter 3 times, yea, verily I shall.

    1) Poetic License, Royal Tortoise

  83. Lisa

    Perfect timing– I am in the market for new glasses but hadn’t heard of Rivet & Sway before. Now I love them!

    In particular, Meet Cute in Royal Tortoise.

  84. Alison

    I’ve been putting off a visit to the eye doctor… last time I went they said I’d need glasses soon. I like the Tusk in Queens Cape! Core Strength are also lovely. And Spitfire sunglasses, yes please! (I’m mostly commenting to support their tuition campaign, but I wouldn’t mind winning.)

  85. Catherine

    I would love to win these but think I need the stylist help. I am sadly trying to remember when I got my current glasses ( mostly wear contacts) and I think it has been almost 10 years!!! May be time to upgrade either way!

  86. sarawr

    Oh, man, how much would I love a pair of Hungry Heart in classic tortoise? So much. So many loves, a great quantity of feels.

  87. Julia S.

    …Or Petit Allegro in Spicy Tortoise. This is hard – they have so many great styles. Thanks for the chance to enter the contest!

  88. Sophia

    Derring Do is the only one that’s really my style (love the pinkish red and the copper). Sadly, Rivet & Sway doesn’t service my prescription strength, but I didn’t want to be left out. :D

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