Nerds! Free glasses. Free money.

Thanks to Rivet & Sway for sponsoring this post, and allowing me to provide fodder for girls-in-glasses fetishists the world over.

I got my first pair of glasses in college. They were tiny, wire-rimmed specs that made me feel like a genius, and look like an awkwardly feminine James Joyce.

I’ve been through dozens of pairs since then, but a few years ago, I realized I’d been wearing the same glasses for about seven years. I got so many compliments when I first purchased them; it poisoned my brain.

Then one day it clicked. Glasses are an accessory, and are subject to trends. My once-chic glasses had essentially become a pair of Capri pants for my face. “Do you have some gladiator sandals I could balance on my nose? Thanks.”

So I decided to change out my glasses more frequently, which brings us to Rivet & Sway. They’re like Zappos for sexy librarians. You choose three frames you want to try, and they ship them to you free so you can try them on, take a bunch of selfies, and ask your friends if they make you look stupid. Like so:


I love these. Are they too “seventh-grade art teacher who used to over-explain about how it’s not a big deal to eat paste”?

I think they’re like when you ask your favorite barista with the sleeve tats where you can get a pair of her glasses, and she says, “Oh. My aunt was a rocket scientist. I got these out of her old jewelry box when I was visiting her in New Mexico.” And then you shake your fist at the sky.


Whoa, so cute — cat eye update. I think these might be cuter in Black and White. Still, these glasses say “I know you can do better if you just apply yourself.”

Or maybe I’m dubious about your excuse for missing the midterm.


“Hi. I’m looking for an Awkward Architect boyfriend. In the meantime, I’ll be writing about my feelings in a Moleskine.”

Too demure?

What if I make duckface for sexiness? Yeah. Nailed it.

OK, share with me your thoughts. Is one of these the one, or should I try on more? Let me know in comments, and while you’re at it…

If you’d like to enter to win your own pair of Rivet & Sway glasses, and you happen to be a U.S. resident, please do this:

1. Choose which pair of glasses you want.
2. Leave a comment here with the name and color of glasses you covet.
3. If you can’t decide — because you are not some sort of eyewear wizard and you want to see them on your face (or you just want more chances to win) — you may leave up to three comments without being considered a cheater.
4. Check back here Wednesday, when I will announce the randomly selected winner. And then champagne.

As part of their Find Your Joy Campaign, Rivet & Sway is also gifting a $500 goal grant to one Go Mighty member. So be sure to check that out too.

On Monday we’ll talk about the next thing I’m crossing off my Life List with Rivet & Sway’s help. I hope it’s something you’ve thought about doing too, and we can roll up our sleeves together.

Now choose your glasses smart people, that you may easily locate other smart people and mate with them. See you Monday.

293 thoughts on “Nerds! Free glasses. Free money.

  1. Perfect timing– I am in the market for new glasses but hadn’t heard of Rivet & Sway before. Now I love them!

    In particular, Meet Cute in Royal Tortoise.


  2. I’ve been putting off a visit to the eye doctor… last time I went they said I’d need glasses soon. I like the Tusk in Queens Cape! Core Strength are also lovely. And Spitfire sunglasses, yes please! (I’m mostly commenting to support their tuition campaign, but I wouldn’t mind winning.)


  3. I would love to win these but think I need the stylist help. I am sadly trying to remember when I got my current glasses ( mostly wear contacts) and I think it has been almost 10 years!!! May be time to upgrade either way!


  4. Oh, man, how much would I love a pair of Hungry Heart in classic tortoise? So much. So many loves, a great quantity of feels.


  5. Derring Do is the only one that’s really my style (love the pinkish red and the copper). Sadly, Rivet & Sway doesn’t service my prescription strength, but I didn’t want to be left out. 😀


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