The I Made This Project: Winner!

Last week, as a part of Go Mighty‘s I Made This project, I used glitter and a paint brush to make a couple of  Disco Dinosaurs. You rose to the #imadethis challenge by die-cutting, silkscreening, and engaging with power tools. Nice. Here are a few of my favorite things you posted on Go Mighty:

Alphabet Door Hanger | Mighty Girl

Elaine made something to replace that sock on your door knob. The G will get the job done, but if it’s really serious, go for letter F.

Wedding Cards | Mighty Girl

Elaine also shared these CMYK/RGB cards she made for two friends and graphic designers who are getting married.

Caramel Apples | Mighty Girl

Liz made these super quick, super simple, caramel apples and shared the recipe. Hungry.

Jenn made these to support Craft Hope. If you’re a knitter, a do-gooder, or both, Jenn shares her patterns and more about the project to knit warm things for orphans here.

Jen made these bookmark save the dates for her upcoming wedding. Clever.

More favorites from the project:

Samantha is making capes for the children in her life.
Jocelyn made something to show her support for Boston.
Amber faced her fear of flat meringue and made a banana pudding pie.
Sarah made a cake to remind her daughter of their life in Australia.
Lorien has kicked off a year long sewing project with this pug.
Tara made homemade pizza on the grill.

The winner of the limited edition polaroid camera is Bonnie Chan who has taken the first steps toward her goal of taking a piece of nostalgia and sewing it into a gown. Read her story here. Congrats, Bonnie! (Check your email.)

Our plan is to continue this project on Go Mighty throughout the summer. So, if you haven’t already, join in by sharing what you make with the tag #imadethis. We’re putting together a big box of awesome to be gifted to one participant when the season ends. More on that to come, and big thanks to those of you who played this time around.

Go Mighty is our Life List community for people who get it done. If you’re not a member yet, that makes no sense. Sign up, and we’ll send an invite your way within 24 hours.

One thought on “The I Made This Project: Winner!

  1. I just found this post and an email from Amber! THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe my foray into terrible sewing actually won me a Polaroid camera! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on an instant camera for a while, so this is mighty perfect. Will be sharing the results!
    I’m so glad to have stumbled onto the Go Mighty community and all of the love and encouragement there. Thanks again. xox


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