Make 1,000 Lovely Things: The Jurrtastic Period

13th May 2013


Giant Glitter Dinosaurs DIY

Take those dinosaurs, kid, and make them sparkle.

I made glitter dinosaurs last night. Hell yeah, I did. And when they dried I made them fight while I sang Toy! Toy! Crazy toy. Stay coooooool tooooy.

Anyway, I know you’ll want your own, because you aren’t dead inside, so instructions are right here.

Also, when you spill a container of glitter, who do you call to seal off your apartment so the glitter doesn’t spread to the rest of the building?

Go Mighty is kicking off our I Made This team project over the next two weeks. If you make something and tag it #imadethis on a Go Mighty story, you enter to win a new, limited-edition Polaroid camera, which is currently in my closet. I’ll round up my favorite stories here and on Go Mighty, and afterward we can compare glue gun scars.

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